Tips to Break Down SaaS Pricing

Pricing software is a dilemma at every company in the business of developing.

SaaS pricing is even more complicated because of the number of variables and level of deviation involved with every SaaS offering. But there is knowledge out there that can help reduce the frustration.

Here are some valuable tips:

  • Remember that you must sell enterprise software; nobody will be buying it for you. In other words, your sales cycle will be lengthy and heavily reliant upon a qualified sales team. You will have to accept this.
  • You will have to calculate the cost of attaining sales. Travel, food and other expenses are necessary deductions when trying to land sales. And, they’re not free.
  • Consider instituting a most-favored customer clause. Basically, this will guarantee customers of your choosing that they’re getting the best pricing possible because you will not allow anybody else to get the same software for cheaper, or you’ll foot the difference.

There are a number of tips available to help you navigate this slipper terrain. Read about the rest of the tips in the full story.

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