Turning Your Elevator Pitch into a Sales Catalyst

Entrepreneurs have been taught to believe that elevator pitches are about selling yourself in a confined amount of time and space.

As anybody who has ever attempted to execute an elevator pitch under this pretense already knows, this can be nearly impossible. An elevator pitch should be about engaging a potential prospect that you happen upon by chance — and this doesn’t need to necessarily take place in an elevator. Geoffrey James, sales and marketing writer, explains that entrepreneurs should be flexible and not stick too closely to a script at this crucial moment.

Your discussion with your prospect should be conversational in tone, James adds. Nobody likes getting “pitched.” People instinctively ignore blatant pitches. Avoid getting the cold shoulder by asking questions and listening to your prospects.

When you deviate from traditional elevator pitches, you’ll come off as someone with a genuine interest in what your prospect has to say. If you don’t, you’ll just appear to be like everyone else pitching their wares. For more on turning elevator pitches into sales catalysts, read the full article by James.

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