Twitter Rules for Investor Relations

Rules and regulations apply when using Twitter for investor relations.

You can Tweet about your company all day without worry, unless you are a publicly traded company. For these companies, Twitter can be a significant tool for investor relations, as long as they follow regulatory requirements and rules.

A recent Corporate Eye article explains the rules and some strategies for using Twitter for investor relations. The article breaks the topic into six steps. Three of these steps are summarized below.

  • Make it official: “link directly from the Investor Relations landing page to the IR Twitter account along with a statement that this is the official Twitter account for corporate IR news.”
  • Create a disclaimer just for Twitter. Standard disclaimers will not do.
  • Post your disclaimer next to the link to your official Twitter account.

To protect your company from unforeseen Twitter liability issues, check out all six rules and suggestions. The article closes with a link to another article on “what to tweet”  once you have all your compliance ducks in a row.


Vickilynn is a Novelist whose first book "Waving Backwards" was published in July 2015. She is also a Blogger at Adoptionfind Blog. Previously, she was a Freelance marketing copywriter at OpenView.
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