Using LinkedIn Content to Gather Intelligence

When it comes to LinkedIn, watch the company you keep.

This is true in the most literal sense. If you keep tabs on those around you – especially industry leaders – you may learn more than you expect.

Here are some other LinkedIn lessons:

Review people’s profiles – Not in passing, either. Dig deep into a profile and see what it’s all about. Read between the lines and determine whether the people you’re browsing have profiles worthy of their sometimes lofty titles.

Stay abreast of your industry – There is a lot of talent on LinkedIn. Many of these people are well-informed on industry news and changes. Interacting with them is one way to get all of that valuable information into the open.

Identify who is a professional and who isn’t – A true professional will make themselves known just as blatantly as someone who is an impostor. Every interaction counts and true professionals recognize this.

LinkedIn has a lot of valuable uses beyond posting your credentials online. Figure out how to incorporate its varied features into your content strategy.

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