What Apple’s Latest Launch can Teach You

Apple has no qualms about delivering groundbreaking launches.

Recently, they announced some additions that would be coming to their product lines. The marquee release here is the new Mac OS, Lion. Also announced were some new products for the MacBook Air. Why did these products get their own stage for their launch? Because Apple never misses an opportunity to promote themselves and spearhead technology trends. Here are five takeaways from the launch:

  • In this jungle, software is king. It’s no coincidence that Apple, after using countless other monikers for its operating systems, has finally settled on the lion as its newest namesake. They hope that it will prove to be more than just a name.
  • Give people options. The new MacBook Air will come in an 11” and 13” variety, which is something people will undoubtedly appreciate.


Apple has an uncanny understanding of themselves, the marketplace and their customers. Their products are an extension of this. Read the full article by Sarah Rotman Epps for more information on this topic.

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