Who’s Crippling your Commission?

Selling is tough business, even without the added pressure of blunders committed by non-sales staff members.

In a corporate environment with departments focused mainly on their own efforts, blunders are bound to sabotage sales efforts.

BNET has compiled a list of the top five sales killing blunders and the culprits who commit them.  Here is a summary of three to mull over:

  • Culprit: Operational Manager
    Crime: Underestimating the time it will take to help the sales team and eventually ignoring sales requests.
    Solution: Track and adjust operational schedules.
  • Culprit: Sales Manager
    Crime: Blaming missed sales ops on other teams/groups.
    Solution: Document all requests for support from other teams.
  • Culprit: Operational Manager
    Crime: Refusing to spend operational budget to help the sales team close business.
    Add funding to the sales budget to ensure operational team  participation as needed.

To view the rest of the blunders and culprits, check out the story on BNET.  Your next big sale could count on it.


Vickilynn is a Novelist whose first book "Waving Backwards" was published in July 2015. She is also a Blogger at Adoptionfind Blog. Previously, she was a Freelance marketing copywriter at OpenView.
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