Why Sales Ultimately Drives Content

Much of this article is centered around Seth Godin’s “Bootstrapper’s Bible” and a single quote within the book:

“Sales is the reason for your business to exist.”

For the author, this advice was invaluable. And it’s pertinence to a business is plainly evident. This honed focus is something that should be adopted in marketing because in today’s age of metrics and methodologies, the purpose of marketing is getting convoluted. For this reason, all marketing efforts should remember to ensure that:

  • The content drives customer acquisition.
  • The content leads a current customer to additional sales.
  • The content generates leads.
  • The content nurtures these leads and customers.
  • The content keeps sales in-house.

If you’re not already using these strategies, you should be because the above principles comprise the essence of effective content marketing.

Contributing Author

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