Why Selling is About Creating Human Connection


In a recent post for his blog, Jonathan Farrington explains why empathy in selling has nothing to do with being nice and everything to do with connecting with your buyer.

Empathy, Farrington says, is absolutely vital for sustained success within any sales relationship, where you are trying to persuade someone to make a decision they may not even have considered prior to your meeting.

“The buyer-seller situation, like any human contact, is an exercise in human relations – the interplay, cause and effect of behavior by two or more people on each other,” he writes.

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Therefore, Farrington says, in the buyer-seller situation, the seller must be responsible for shaping mutual behavior.

“Selling is something you do with the prospect, in a process of discovery and interaction – human relations at work,” he writes.

But, when self  gets unnecessarily in the way, the fruitful cycle of good human relations stops producing.

“Beyond getting the order, the plus factor in selling is to make people look good in their own eyes and in the eyes of others,” he writes. “Rather than sell to them, we help them buy.”

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For more on sales interactions and making the right kind of connections, read Farrington’s full post here.

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