Why there is No Replacement for Vision

Many times, the root cause of an issue can be a lack of vision.

There may other problems perpetuating the decay, but at the heart of the matter, is a vision void. Furthermore, how do you overcome the traditional interpretations of vision? Essentially, there are three reasons why vision is necessary, and these are:

  • To unify – when everyone is pulling in the same direction, everybody’s strength is combined.
  • To inspire – the work that is produced will be much-improved when it is inspired and motivated.
  • To empower – because with great power, comes great responsibility.

A vision can single-handedly drive a project. At every juncture, there is a set path to follow toward a goal. In this article, the author uses an office renovation project as an example of vision. Previously, the author had a damp and dingy office that caused productivity issues. After creating a vision, the renovation became a simple procedure.

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