Why You May Need to Revamp Your Customer Service

In a recent post on his blog, Brian Solis says with social networks becoming the preferred channel of communication among connected consumers, businesses are losing ground and faith in the customer service game.

“The reality is that customers will share their experiences whether positive or negative and they will influence the decisions of others,” he writes.

The question though, Solis asks, is how are you changing your customer development model to deliver value to customers and your business? (See 9 Ideas for Driving Customer Promotion)

He adds that many existing customer service approaches to social networks are the equivalent of the tips of icebergs we see above water.

“While social media and customer service exist, they do not naturally co-exist in regards to process, systems, vision, or collaborative workstreams,” he writes.

The problem is , Solis writes, with social media and inbound marketing on one side and customer service on the other, a gap emerges where the social customer is left to fend for themselves.

To counter this, he says, businesses must “look at creating a holistic experience where customer service extends to social media, providing engagement and resolution at the time and place of the social expression.”

For more on making customer service matter again, read the full post here.

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