Eastland Memorial Hospital Selects Prognosis

HOUSTONTX — Eastland Memorial Hospital is planning to quickly meet the federal government’s electronic health record (EHR) meaningful use requirements by implementing Prognosis ChartAccess® Comprehensive EHR — and participating in a quickly-expanding Texas Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO).

“The end point is clear. We want to attain meaningful use in just six months. Coming up with a plan to get there, though, was a challenge. We had to find a system that would propel us forward quickly and effectively,” said Ted Matthews, CEO at Eastland (Texas) Memorial Hospital. “After exploring several options, we decided that Prognosis offered a product that clinicians would really use and that would make it possible for us to cost effectively tap into the benefits of an electronic records system.”

ChartAccess Comprehensive EHR is a shared web-native EHR solution, delivered via a “cloud computing” model, where the software applications are made available as a service over an encrypted health information network. The EHR provides clinicians with a complete view of patient data to support optimal and safe clinical care. Users can simply access the system by using a standard operating system and a secure browser.

Eastland will quickly leverage the system by taking advantage of Prognosis’ “rapid implementation” service.  The hospital plans to begin software installation and implementation on March 1, start the attestation period on May 31, and complete attestation to meaningful use requirements by September 1, 2011.

The 52-bed hospital is not just tapping into the powerful software but is optimizing the value of the solution as a member of a growing RHIO. Under this innovative connectivity model, all participating hospitals dial into one centralized solution remotely, making it much easier to get systems up and running. The EHR also is integrated with billing, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and other ancillary systems at the various hospitals, which allows it to serve as a data repository for all clinical information.

As a result, the financial, personnel and cultural obstacles that so often block rural hospitals from achieving EHR success quickly dissipate. In addition, the system provides a seamless continuum of care for patients, not just as they receive services in one hospital but as they receive care across the entire region.

“The information exchange simply adds so much value to our investment. Frequently, patients will be seen by clinicians at our hospital and then again by clinicians at one of our neighboring facilities. The fact that we can all share clinical information just makes it so much easier to provide quality care to these patients,” Matthews said.

The RHIO initially was established with funding from the Texas Department of Rural Affairs (TDRA).

“Implementing electronic records is a huge challenge for any hospital. We realized, however, that rural hospitals are especially hard pressed when it comes to pulling all of the resources together to successfully move to electronic records. By supporting this innovative RHIO, we are truly helping to improve care for the rural population in Texas,” says Dave Darnell, Senior Program Administrator at TDRA.

One of the first two Complete EHRs to receive ONC-ATCB-2011-2012 certification, the system is designed to quickly lead providers toward EHR success. For example, an interface that mimics e-mail applications enables clinicians to quickly adopt the system. iPhone and iPad applications that make it possible to view patient rounding lists, process orders and access results at the point of care resonate strongly with clinicians who have been demanding mobile functionality for many years.

“We have made a commitment to truly support hospitals that are working to elevate the level of care that they provide to their communities. To do so, we provide the most powerful technology available and unending support as providers, such as Eastland, move toward their EHR goals,” said Ramsey Evans, CEO of Prognosis.

About Prognosis

Prognosis Health Information Systems, Inc., Houston, aims to improve the quality and safety of patient care through ChartAccess, a certified Comprehensive EHR. Designed to be fully operational in less than six months at a predictable, affordable cost, the solution enables hospitals to meet meaningful use and improve patient outcomes by leveraging built-in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) milestone and quality measure tracking functionality. PHIS uses 21st-Century technologies to offer small community hospitals a pure browser-based system that can run on-premise or in the cloud. For more information, go to www.prognosishis.com.