Mastermind Community
PLG is evolving. Can you keep up?

The Mastermind Community by OpenView is designed specifically for early- and expansion-stage founders of software companies who want to be a part of the new era of product-led growth (PLG)! It’s okay if you’ve never considered your company to be product-led, as long as you are building for the end user or utilizing the product to drive growth and experimentation.

This community will bring a group of top SaaS founders together for shared learning from each other and from PLG experts who have been there before. For 2023, community members will gain access to monthly sessions led by PLG experts, covering OpenView’s 11 Principles for the New Era of PLG: The Age of Connected Work. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect 1:1 with your peers, get early access to some of our most popular content, and get access to advising from OpenView leaders.

If you’re a founder and think you’d be a good fit for this community or know of a founder who would be a good fit, please use this form to nominate yourself or them.

Community Leaders

You’ll be learning from top PLG operators who have successfully scaled businesses using this go-to-market model. More operators to be announced.

Christopher Miller

VP of Product, Growth & Fintech

Taylor Nieman

Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Sloan


Ben Williams

Former VP of Products (Developer Journeys, PLG)

Kyle Poyar

Operating Partner

Casey Renner

Operating Partner

Program Overview
Key tactics & learnings on building a best-in-class PLG business
Networking with fellow PLG founders at a similar stage of growth
Exclusive access to experts from the OV Expansion Team
Upcoming Sessions

Build For the End User

PLG relies on end user experience, viral adoption and word-of-mouth marketing. You'll master the key aspects of building a PLG product, marketing strategy, funnel and network.

Build to Be Discovered

Products are now bought, not sold. And they’re discovered, not presented. Ordinary folks seek out solutions to their everyday problems whether through Google, friends, or their chosen communities. You’ll learn how to be easily discoverable by users in their moment of need.

Build To Meet Your Users Where They Work

We used to go to software when we needed to do a specific task. Now software lives in our context; it lives wherever we live rather than being a destination. Learn how to build to meet your users where they work or experience pain.

Build For Openness

Software used to be a walled garden. Companies were relatively standalone systems. But now, software can’t be a walled garden. As everyday people become developers themselves, all software companies need to build for openness.

Build for Flexibility

If your products are truly open, your users can build it themselves.

Build to Meet Users Where They Work

You used to go to software when you needed to do a specific task. Software was a destination that had to be sought out. Now software lives in your context; it lives wherever you live rather than being a destination.

Apply for the Program

Applications for this cohort are open. Please fill out the form below to nominate a founder.