Product Led Growth Mastermind

A program made for PLG leaders

The Product Led Growth Mastermind program is designed specifically for early-stage founders of B2B software companies. It’s okay if you’ve never considered your company to be product-led, as long as you are building for the end user, utilizing the product to drive growth and experimenting on scaling with little to no sales team.

The 8-week program connects a group of top early stage B2B companies together for shared learning from each other, from operators who have been there before and from a group of PLG experts.

The program consists of an in-person event and four bi-weekly, highly interactive remote sessions with operators from companies like Calendly and Github, and PLG experts from OpenView. Each remote session will last between one and two hours.

PLG Experts

You’ll be learning from top PLG operators who have successfully scaled businesses using this go-to-market model. More operators to be announced.

Brent Chudoba

Thrive Global

Ashley Smith


Andrew Capland

Head of Growth

Chris De Vylder

Head of Global Sales Strategy & Operations

Sam Richard

Director of Growth

Jeff Curran

Director of Business Operations

Liz Cain


Kyle Poyar

VP, Market Strategy

Wendy Perilli

Start-up Advisor

Program Overview
Key tactics & learnings on building a best-in-class PLG business
Networking with fellow PLG founders at a similar stage of growth
Exclusive access to experts from the OV Expansion Team
Session Overview
Conversion & Expansion

Building for the end user

PLG relies on end user experience, viral adoption and word-of-mouth marketing. You'll master the key aspects of building a PLG product, marketing strategy, funnel and network effects.

Removing end user friction

Product onboarding, usage and engagement are critical in successful PLG companies. We'll discuss the key components to user onboarding, how to measure and use product usage and how to encourage increased engagement with your product. We'll also talk through the PLG tech stack to ensure that your company is properly enabling product led growth.

Delivering value before the paywall

Pricing and packaging can be a source of differentiation for a PLG company. We'll discuss how to determine your pricing value metric, the intricacies of the freemium and free trial models and how to package product features together to optimize your pricing lineup.

Customer support before sales

Sales is not a four-letter word. There is a role for sales in a PLG business. We’ll discuss how sales teams look more like customer success teams, how they smooth the onboarding process and how they are the key to retaining and expanding customers.

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