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Product led growth (PLG), everyone’s talking about it, but how do you actually implement it in your own organization? What are signals of a healthy product led business and the metrics that matter? This panel will explain just that, featuring lessons from growth leaders who have implemented freemium, PQL and self-service/eCommerce strategies in a B2B SaaS context.

You’ll hear from experts at some of the leading PLG companies: HubSpot, Wistia and Appcues, and get the investor perspective on why PLG is such a compelling go-to-market strategy. Plus stick around after the panel for a night of networking on OpenView’s roof deck with growth leaders. What could be better?

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Molly Wolfberg

Sr. Product Manager

Kieran Flanagan

VP of Marketing

Jonathan Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

Blake Bartlett


Ashley Minogue

Head of Growth

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Due to limited capacity, registration for this event is now closed. You can reach out to the event organizers by emailing Gail Axelrod at [email protected].

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