Your Software Needs Beta Testers — Where Should You Look?

As indispensable as developers themselves, outside testers — beta testers in this case — are a crucial cog in the software development machine.

Assuming you’ve moved on from the early incarnations of your software and have a working model in-hand available for beta stage testing, you’ll need to find fit testers. Not every tester in the marketplace will meet your ideal goals, but a more pragmatic approach should yield equally attractive results, writes Mikal E. Belicove in a recent post for Entrepreneur.

Your internal team can only take you so far in the software testing world. Once you do start looking for beta testers, don’t be afraid to utilize social media, he says. There are plenty of qualified candidates just waiting in the social media weeds, but they will need to be sought out. After you do find your testers, don’t lose any momentum by keeping them waiting, Belicove advises.

Talented beta testers can add an immense amount of value to software, so skimping in this area is ill-advised. For more on finding beta testers, read the full article by Belicove.

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