UX vs. UI – Why You Can’t Combine Them Into One Role

Considering UX vs. UI as you develop your product? It’s time to realize that each role has to be filled individually.

Ok, so maybe pitching UX vs. UI as a title fight worthy of your precious PayPerView dollars wasn’t the way to go. After all, there’s no real winner, they’re working in unison and neither is trying to defeat the other. But one important boxing parallel does exist – you absolutely need two participants. In this post at User Testing, Craig Morrison describes the differences between UX and UI designers and why each is essential to the development of your product.

Having worked as a combined UX/UI designer the past two years, you’d think Morrison would be eliminating his own profession. But it’s his experience with the job that’s allowed him to realize no one person can execute both roles. Read his post to understand why you won’t be cutting corners by hiring a combined UX/UI designer – you’ll be cutting away any chance you have at success.
Photo by: Bill Selak


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