Hiring Top Software Engineers

A better system for common recruiting problems

The Problem

Hiring top engineering talent is one of the biggest barriers to growth.

Here is some news most growing software companies won’t find shocking: Hiring talented, qualified software engineers is a significant challenge. The reason? The demand for those skills continues to significantly outpace the supply of talent, and not all engineers — even the super-talented ones — are right for every opportunity.

As a result, many growing software companies find themselves either engaging in costly bidding wars for top engineering talent, operating at less-than-full capacity, or having to settle on candidates who may not align with their company culture.

“Normally, in a market like Philadelphia, software companies are lucky to bring in three engineering candidates per month and hire one of them,” says Luke Walker, Senior Director of Engineering at Monetate.

The Solution

OpenView's expansion platform includes a full-funnel recruiting team.

In light of these market challenges, OpenView’s Senior Talent Manager Meghan Maher hasn’t skipped a beat, helping portfolio companies Monetate, Skytap, and Socrata hire a total of 23 software engineers across a variety of disciplines, including JavaScript, Web Development, and Site Reliability.

Walker says, “Thanks to Meghan and OpenView, we’re meeting with as many as 12 to 15 candidates a month, and the majority of those people have the qualifications and cultural fit to work for our company. That’s incredible production for roles that most companies struggle to fill.”

The Results

Director of Engineering at Socrata Jerome Gagner says OpenView’s focus isn’t just on helping its portfolio companies hire more engineers faster. While that’s an important component of the partnership, it’s also paramount that Socrata avoids falling into the trap of hiring the wrong engineers, just for the sake of filling a seat.

“Every software company needs to hire a lot of engineers, but it’s more important to hire the right people. OpenView’s team absolutely shares that vision and they’ve been instrumental in helping us achieve it.”

Brad Schick, CTO and VP of Engineering of Skytap agrees. While the short-term quantitative cost-savings of the partnership are significant, he believes the long-term qualitative impact of OpenView’s team is likely more valuable, even if it’s more difficult to measure.

“There’s real value in knowing that OpenView’s motivations truly align with our business goals. It’s not a standalone, salesy service that’s designed to be profitable. It’s a complimentary value-add service that’s designed to help us hire the best people. Ultimately, that gives us greater confidence in the hiring decisions we make and allows us to move forward knowing we’ll be able to recruit the people we need to scale.”

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