Partnering with founders to improve working lives.

At the expansion stage — the challenging growth period between seed to series C — the stakes are high and decisions need to be made fast. And every decision has the potential to change your trajectory.

Who should you hire?

When should you increase your pricing?

What will it take to move up-market?

Any VC firm can write a check. But you need someone in your corner to guide you to your fullest potential. A partner who knows what it takes, who it takes, and how to get there.

That’s us.

Meet OpenView, the expansion stage software VC

OpenView was founded in 2006 on a mission to improve people’s working lives. We invest in the best expansion-stage software companies, then work hard to help those companies become market leaders. OpenView has raised a total of $2.4 billion across its seven funds.


Who we invest in

OpenView exclusively invests in software companies at the expansion stage. You’re at the expansion stage if:

  • You’ve found early product-market fit.
  • You’re growing quickly and ready to add fuel to the fire.
  • You’ve got some go-to-market repeatability, usually including some revenue generation.

The letter of the funding round matters less to us than the underlying characteristics of your company. That said, our first checks tend to be at Series A, B, or C.

Why we’re different

OpenView targets seven to nine new investments per year, a concentrated approach that allows us to meaningfully support our portfolio companies post-investment. Our focus on the expansion stage for nearly two decades means we’ve been a trusted partner to some of the biggest successes in software history.

Built for impact

We’ve resourced ourselves to be a true partner to you. Our headcount to portfolio ratio is 2.5 to 1, enabling us to go deeper with each company.

Experts on deck

Whether it’s running a pricing project, placing an executive hire, connecting you to a top-tier CMO, or accessing capital markets, our Expansion Platform helps you remove hurdles to unlock growth.

Leaders and doers

Sure, we coined product-led growth. But we haven’t stopped there. For years, we’ve been educating the greater SaaS community by sharing best practices on benchmarks, pricing and packaging, hiring, and more.

Follow our leaders

Blake Bartlett
Kyle Poyar
Operating Partner
Casey Renner

Benchmarks and resources you need to grow

SaaS Benchmarks: Key financial and operating metrics to benchmark your startup against.

Product Benchmarks: Classic product and conversion metrics to guide you to efficient growth.

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