The Assessment Every Business Needs to Do ASAP

Unless you’re Amazon, Instacart or Zoom, you need to assess your customers’ engagement with your product. Sam Richard shares the dos and don’ts of customer health scoring.

by Sam Richard
Enterprise Growth Wisdom From IBM’s Zoltan Szalas

The secret to his success? A data-driven approach to growth—and a genuine love for all things data.

by Sam Richard
Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Customers' Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis? There's a Difference.

No matter what pricing actions you’re considering, you must first understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on your customers, their business, their people and their communities.

by Steven Forth
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Financial Resources and Capital Markets Roundup: 4/3/2020

A very important and current update regarding the Paycheck Protection Program.

by Sean Fanning
SurveyMonkey’s CMO On Making Marketing More Human

B2B software users and buyers are just consumers who are at work. Same people, different context. There’s no need to treat them differently.

by Ariel Winton
The Type of Content to Produce at Every Lifecycle Stage (Part 3)

Spoiler alert: Everything you do must be scalable and repeatable.

by Georgios Chasiotis
Weekly Walk
Weekly Walk with Sharon Mandell, CIO at TIBCO

Sharon talks about the CIO’s role in pivoting a company to a remote workforce, why this could be a good time to put those marketing dollars into your product, and more.

by Casey Renner
HR & People
How Successful Remote Teams Manage Mental Health

Leaders from Doist and Buffer share their best practices for addressing mental health in the workplace.

by Angelina Ebeling
Product Led Growth
The 8 KPIs That Actually Matter—and How to Measure Them

We monitor these closely within our portfolio at OpenView.

by Sam Richard
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Financial Resources and Capital Markets Roundup: 3/27/2020

While the markets moved up this week, we strongly caution against believing that the worst is over.

by Sean Fanning
Finance & Operations
Founders, Extend Your Cash Runway by Taking These Steps Right Now

Use this as a guide for controlling costs, getting to cash-flow positive and extending your runway as quickly as possible.

by Jeff Curran