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How Youtube 5x’d our Activation Rate

Our Youtube channel went from video storage to driving 70% of our sign ups in 6 months. How? A ton of grinding and some luck – but it taught us one key insights about activation that changed the way I think about growth. Activation starts before onboarding. When we figured this out – our monthly…
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2023 SaaS Benchmark Report

The 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report from OpenView and Paddle is live! Get all the insights and data to see how your company compares.

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B2B Marketing in 2024: 8 Trends That Are Changing the Game and What They Mean for Your Business

What’s in store for B2B marketing in 2024. Marketing expert Jon Miller shares his eight game changing predictions here.

December 18, 2023

Books & Reports

Usage-based Pricing Playbook

Software buying has evolved—and companies are moving to a usage-based pricing model to stay ahead of the curve. Get started with this playbook.

December 15, 2023


The Pre-PMF Guide to Product Management: How to Move Faster and Stop Throwing Away Your Roadmaps

Enzo Avigo, former product manager at Intercom and CEO of product analytics startup June, unpacks how to accelerate your path to product market fit. Get the guide here.

December 05, 2023

Pricing & Positioning

What’s going on with pricing this year? A deep dive into 2023 pricing data.

What’s the state of pricing in 2023? Data from our 2023 SaaS Benchmarks report uncovers a few key trends to know heading into the new year. Read the full analysis here.

November 30, 2023


The Definitive Guide: Product Analytics for Product-Led Growth

Achieving true product-led growth takes a winning combination of free parts of your product, virality, paying users, and more. Startups spend years (and thousands of dollars) trying to figure out the right model for viral growth – and many never do. So how do you succeed at PLG. Find out here.


You’re Doing ABM Backwards. Here’s Why & How to Fix It.

ABM, or account-based marketing, is a powerful strategy to push relevant leads further down the funnel towards purchase. But for many companies, it’s often led by sales’ own criteria, rather than driven by powerful marketing data. Here’s how to do ABM the right way.

November 16, 2023

Books & Reports

2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report

Gain key SaaS insights from our 7th Benchmarks Report on ARR, PLG, retention, and more.

November 15, 2023


How an AI sidecar product drove 30% of sign-ups: Eraser’s founder on building and growing DiagramGPT

Eraser founder, Shin Kim, shares why his company, Eraser, a whiteboard for engineering teams, built an AI sidecar that ultimately drove 30% of all product sign ups. Learn more here.

November 14, 2023


How to Maximize ROI on Your Early Paid Advertising Efforts

Ready to use paid advertising to grow your B2B startup’s customer base? Here’s an in depth guide to get you started.

November 09, 2023

Books & Reports

[Report] 2023 SaaS Benchmarks: A New North Star, Monetizing AI & Pockets of Resilience

OpenView’s 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report in partnership with Paddle is live! Get all of the findings and see how your business compares here.

November 08, 2023

Product-Led Growth

Your Guide to Outbound Automation: How Thena 10x Outbound Without BDRs

Does automating outbound sales efforts really work? It can and it does, as shown in this post by Thena. They use automated outbound to 10x their efforts. Here’s how they do it.

November 02, 2023

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Mastermind: Join an Exclusive SaaS Founder Community

We know founding a business can sometimes be a long and lonely journey. But SaaS founders don’t have to go it alone. Join OpenView’s Mastermind Founder Community here for exclusive access to expert insights on PLG, GTM and vertical SaaS and so much more.

October 31, 2023