Defining Culture & Values at Your Expansion Stage Company

The power of your organizational culture to influence whether a business sinks or swims has long been appreciated. However, to date, intentionally shaping a culture has been a daunting proposition. Where to begin? Putting a set of values on the wall may not come across as entirely authentic. Enron did that and “Integrity” was one of the values listed. However, in 2017 the mega-trend of transparency allows us to know what’s going on in our cultures like never before. And with information comes power – perhaps the power to reach unprecedented cultural alignment within companies.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • To what extent can organizational culture be by design?
  • Where I can curate the culture – how exactly might I go about it?

About the Speaker

Peter Phelan
Founder and CEO, ValuesCulture

Peter’s career in People & Culture leadership includes CPO roles at companies like MediaMath. his successes span industries, including: Advertising, Financial Services, Humanitarian Aid, Legal, Media and Technology. He runs culture consulting firm ValuesCulture where he makes ‘culture house calls’ to Silicon Alley companies and beyond.

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