The Process of People: Determining the Right Talent KPIs

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET

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Whether you are a founder gearing up to hire your first in-house recruiter or an HR/Talent leader with an orchestrated team of recruiters, sourcers, and coordinators, it’s important to define success metrics for your team. By establishing KPIs, you can set clear goals for the team, understand your team’s velocity and iterate quickly to improve your hiring process.

Join us on April 19th at 1:00 PM ET for a webinar featuring Adriana Roche, VP of HR at Segment and Richard Fye, Head of People Ops at Datadog. During this interactive panel discussion, moderated by Vinayak Ranade, CEO at Drafted, we’ll take you through the process of establishing and rolling out KPIs to your talent team, including:

  • WHY setting KPIs for your Talent Team is so important
  • WHICH metrics are important to track for your business
  • HOW to leverage your HR/Talent tech stack to achieve & track goals
  • WHAT mistakes to avoid as you transition to data-driven culture

For questions or additional information, please contact Sarah Duffy at sduffy@openviewpartners.com.

About the Speakers

Richard Fye, Head of People Ops, Datadog

Richard leads People Operations at Datadog, the premier service for cloud-scale monitoring. He is building a high-performance environment where talented people love coming to work. He brings over 15 years of experience scaling strategic HR functions, creating HR infrastructure and establishing operational rigor.

Adriana Roche, VP of HR, Segment

Adriana has experience working in HR at a number of tech companies from Google to Salesforce, Dropbox and now Segment. She’s always loved the intersection of business and people and found her niche in HR while getting her master’s in Organizational Psychology.

Vinayak Ranade, Founder & CEO, Drafted

Vinayak is the founder and CEO of Drafted, the first referral network that makes hiring fast, fun and rewarding. He previously served as the Director of Mobile at KAYAK, the travel search engine acquired for $1.8 billion. Vinayak holds a B.S and M.Eng in Computer Science from MIT.



Richard Fye

Head of People Ops

Adriana Roche


Vinayak Ranade

Founder & CEO