Product-Led Growth
The Different Facets of Growth: Perspectives from SaaS Leaders
Growth encompasses everything we’re trying to do in both business and in our careers. It influences the decisions we make...
by Julia Beech
May Habib (Writer): On Product, Distribution, and Lessons Learned As a Second-Time Founder
Most first-time SaaS founders are obsessed with building their product. It makes sense—a successful product is a qualifying criteria for...
by Mikaela Gluck
Managing Priorities, Metrics, and Motivation: Lessons Learned From Engineering Leaders
No matter how cross-functionally your teams may work, it’s ultimately your engineers who are responsible for executing your product roadmap. ...
by Julia Beech
Your Guide to Webflow’s $4B PLG Engine: How Webflow Pairs Self-Service and Sales for Rapid Growth
Webflow, the web design and hosting platform, recently hit milestones that most product-led growth (PLG) companies only dream of: $100...
by Kyle Poyar
Alex Bilmes (Endgame): Unifying Product-Led Sales with Self-Service
You’ve probably heard companies claim that their products sell themselves. And for product-led businesses, this isn’t far from the truth....
by Mikaela Gluck
Pricing & Positioning
How Usage-Based Pricing Unlocks Rapid Growth: Stories of Scaling [eBook]
How did Snowflake, a data cloud company, grow to become one of the few cloud-native SaaS companies to reach $1...
by Kyle Poyar
Pricing & Positioning
Monthly vs. Annual Contracts: Is It Time To Reconsider Your Annual Plan?
SaaS businesses love annual contracts.  Look no further than the data. Excluding the usage-based pricing pioneers, 68% of the Cloud...
by Curt Townshend
Jesus Requena (Figma): Building a PLG Data & Product Analytics Stack at Unity
Moving to a product-led growth (PLG) model changes the customer journey from a sales-driven approach to one driven by the...
by Rohma Abbas
Your Guide to Product Virality: How To Position Nearly Any PLG Product for Virality
When we think about inherently viral products, what comes to mind are collaboration products like video conferencing (Zoom), meeting scheduling...
by Kyle Poyar
Top Three Reasons a Candidate Will Reject You—And What You Can Do About It
In today’s hiring market, sourcing talent is hard enough. But once you’ve got some high-quality candidates through your interview process,...
by Steve Melia
Communications & Branding
The Five Pillars for Building an Effective Community
I get a lot of questions about building a community—specifically, how I did it at OpenView. For context, I joined...
by Casey Renner