HR & Leadership
Want to Increase Productivity? Go Remote.

The remote work movement is gaining traction across a wide variety of industries. The time to adopt a remote work organization is now. Find out why.

by Stella Garber
The 6 Principles of Clearbit [Podcast]

Alex MacCaw is the Co-founder, CEO and office DJ for Clearbit. Find out how they think about product led growth and what it took for him to find the love in management.

by Mackey Craven
Annual Planning for Sales Organizations: Headcount, Quotas & Territories

This time every year, sales and sales operations teams set their annual sales plan for the coming year. Learn how to work through the complexity of sales planning to start 2020 off strong.

by Karen Rhorer
Customer Success
Professional Services and Customer Success in SaaS Startups

Surveys have found that a dedicated Professional Services team can lead to more enterprise deals and lower churn. But, these resources need to be used wisely and should be differentiated from Customer Success. Here’s why.

by Brooke Goodbary
8 Useful Copywriting Tips Every Startup Needs to Know

Copywriting is considered an essential skill for any founder. Learn how to successfully write copy that’ll attract and convert your customers.

by Kevin Payne
HR & Leadership
Congrats, You Received Equity! Now What?

You received an equity option as part of your compensation – congrats! Learn how you can be sure you’re prepared to understand the equity component of your offer, ask the right questions and make an informed decision about your offer.

by Sarah Duffy, Sean Fanning
JumpCloud’s Core Values with Rajat Bhargava [Podcast]

JumpCloud is an OV portfolio company focused on building the next generation of directory services. Raj Bhargava sheds light on their values and what he looks for in building a new business.

by Mackey Craven
Is Product Marketing Really Still a Mystery?

Product Marketing is a bit of a confusing role, but it’s also one of the most critical as your business scales. Learn why it’s so important and how to make it less confusing in your org.

by Shirin Shahin
Product Led Growth
How Atlassian Helps Startups Clone Their Product Led Growth Strategy

Midori has had much success building off of Atlassian’s Marketplace. Learn how they took Atlassian’s product led growth model and built a powerful ecosystem.

by Levente Szabo
Finance & Operations
Introducing OpenView's Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Data Explorer

Our 2019 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Data Explorer allows you to find your exact peer benchmarks around the metrics that matter most: YoY growth, gross margin, cash burn rate, CAC payback, net dollar retention and logo retention. Check it out!

by Sean Fanning