Should You Buy A Media Company?
Earlier this year Pendo acquired Mind the Product, the world’s largest destination and community for product folks. Odd, right? What...
by Kyle Poyar, Sanjiv Kalevar
Product-Led Growth
How to Grow Faster With (Near) $0 CAC
With climbing inflation, waves of tech layoffs, and tighter focus on profitability, “grow at any cost” is no longer viable,...
by Kyle Poyar
Product-Led Growth
Time To Refine Your Metrics: Defining Growth And Success At A PLG Company
It comes as no surprise to our OpenView audience that product-led growth (PLG) as a GTM strategy is more popular...
by Mikaela Gluck
Team Development
3 Ways To Prioritize Peer-To-Peer Learning In The Remote Workplace
The post-pandemic workplace—whether fully remote or hybrid—continues to present challenges for companies that want to keep employees engaged while maintaining...
by Mark Crofton
Product-Led Growth
How Supermetrics Grew To €50M And Beyond
I first met the founders of Supermetrics—the hottest PLG company that you probably haven’t heard of—in the most unusual of...
by Kyle Poyar
Product-Led Growth
Staying Scrappy: How To Build And Scale High-Impact Growth Teams
How did I end up in PLG SaaS? Looking back at the start of my career, technology and data became...
by Lauren Schuman
The When, Why, What, And How Of Adding In Enterprise Sales
John Eitel, former VP of sales at Canva, describes himself as a sales problem-solver. Having built sales orgs from the...
by Mikaela Gluck
HR & People
Sabbatical-Curious? 5 Reasons A Sabbatical Might Be The Best Time And Money Investment You’ll Ever Make
The Great Resignation isn’t over, no matter the state of the economy. Workers across all industries and positions are leaving...
by Rohma Abbas, Scott Wilson
Pricing & Positioning
How To Price Your PLG Product
You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again: pricing is your most powerful and most immediate lever to accelerate growth....
by Kyle Poyar, Abel Riboulot
Is Your Product Secure Enough For Enterprise Sales? Calendly’s CISO Shares His Security Tips
A goal of most product-led growth (PLG) businesses is to eventually go beyond monetizing their product with individual users, and...
by Casey Renner
Product-Led Growth
Treating Your Data As A Product: Layering Product-Led Growth On A Tech Stack
Product-led growth (PLG) thrives on data. But as anyone who’s worked on a company's customer relationship management (CRM) tool like...
by Sam Richard
Balancing Online And Offline Spaces: Building A Community Around Your PLG Product
Community is a hot topic in SaaS. Having hundreds or even thousands of people passionately discussing and advocating for your...
by Scott Wilson