HR & Leadership
Rumors Aside, the CIO Is Not Dead

Contrary to popular belief, the CIO is still much needed in a SaaS organization. Learn how the role is changing and what to look for as you hire your next CIO here.

by Eric Johnson
SurveyMonkey's CMO on Marketing's Role as the World Shifts Towards Product Led Growth [Podcast]

This week’s BUILD episode features Leela Srinivasan, SurveyMonkey’s CMO. Listen as she discusses the shift from consumer to enterprise (and the lessons learned along the way), how they use traditional marketing channels with a viral product, tips for developing a GTM function within a PLG company and more.

by Ariel Winton
3 Ways Your Cold Email Campaigns Need to Change in 2020

Email is still a great tool for every salesperson, but only if you use it the right way. Steli Efti explains how to elevate your email strategy in 2020 and beyond.

by Steli Efti
Why SaaS Partner Programs & Consultants Are a Match Made in Heaven

Formstack’s Amanda Nielsen explains the top five benefits consultants, agencies and SaaS companies can realize through their partner relationships.

by Amanda Nielsen
Becoming Product-Led With Customers in Old School Industries [Podcast]

On this episode of BUILD, Ariel chats with HubSpot’s SVP of Product, Christopher O’Donnell, about how PLG can be adopted in “old-school industries” and the key changes an organization needs to make in order to do so effectively.

by Ariel Winton
The Ultimate Product Led Growth Resources Guide
Editor's Note: This article was first published on November 1, 2018.  Back in the the 1980s, software was sold on...
by Kyle Poyar
Netflix Quietly Perfected Their Pricing. Here’s What You Can Learn.
Editor's Note: This article was first published on January 25, 2018.  You know the story. Back in 2011, Netflix restructured...
by Kyle Poyar
Product Led Growth
HubSpot's 5 Strategies for Transitioning to a Product-Led Organization

Shifting from a traditional inbound enterprise to a product led growth strategy is no easy task. Find out what HubSpot’s David Barron learned during their journey.

by David Barron
Why You Need Sales Ops, and Why Sales Ops Needs a Road Map

Intercom’s Head of Global Sales Ops, Jeff Serlin, outlines how sales ops can make an impact on your business, what the team should look like and keys to success.

by Jeffrey Serlin
Pricing Transformations in 2020

Kyle Poyar, VP, Market Strategy at OpenView, and Steven Forth, Partner at Ibbaka, discuss the hot topics that you need to be factoring into your pricing plans for 2020.

by Kyle Poyar, Steven Forth
Selling in a Product Led Growth Company: It’s Not About You

In a product led growth business, sales’ mission is not about making the sale but instead, delivering an effective customer experience. Learn how to stay focused on the customer through collaboration.

by Leandra Fishman
BUILD: The End User Era

As we enter a whole new decade, it’s important to recognize that we are also entering a whole new era of software: The End User Era. Our latest BUILD book dives deep into leadership philosophies and best practices surrounding this GTM movement. Check out the digital version here!

by OpenView