Forget Everything You Know About Selling to Developers

How can highly technical businesses break through the noise in the developer-focused tools space?

by Sam Richard
The Role of Product Marketing—And Why Startups Need to Define It

Hint: It’s not the same as product management.

by Saeed Khan
HR & Leadership
How the Best CEOs Use 'Thinking Time'—According to an Executive Coach

Sometimes CEOs and leaders don’t think they’re doing “real work” unless they’re focusing on day-to-day business operations, and that’s a mistake.

by Alisa Cohn
HR & Leadership
The Startup Leader’s Summer Reading List

While we’re hoping to set the sourdough starters and jigsaw puzzles aside this summer, there’s one pandemic hobby we aren’t willing to give up: reading lots and lots of books.

by Kristin Hillery
I Asked 50+ Developers How They Buy Software. Here’s What I Learned.

Anyone who has ever tried to sell software to developers probably learned pretty quickly that traditional B2B marketing tactics just plain don’t work.

by Sam Richard
Finance & Operations
A New Way To Tell if a Company Is Truly Product-Led

Hint: You have to look beyond the website or pricing page.

by Kyle Poyar
HR & Leadership
3 Unusual Drivers of Early-Stage Growth

People, and their promise, are the root of your valuation. And the happier, more engaged they are, the quicker and easier you’ll clear your hurdles.

by Lawler Kang
‘A Constant Adrenaline Rush’: 3 NYC Founders Give an Inside Look at Building Their Businesses in the Big Apple

Building a business amidst New York City’s sky-high cost of living, fiercely competitive talent market, and distance from Bay Area investors is not for the faint of heart.

by Riviera Lev-Aviv
Customer Segmentation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Growth

Effective customer segmentation is critical for any company attempting to scale. This guide will walk you through the process of clearly identifying and targeting your best prospects.

by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Stripe’s Jeanne DeWitt Grosser on Buffalo, Whales, and Scaling Sales

In just five years, she’s helped grow Stripe’s sales team to about 200 folks in the U.S. and 500 globally—that’s bigger than the entire company was when she first came on board.

by Casey Renner
HR & Leadership
Is Estonia the Next Silicon Valley?

It’s one of the best-kept secrets of the digital nomad entrepreneur world.

by Carina Rampelt
Hi [firstname]: LinkedIn Message Automation Is the Actual Worst

We all get those terrible sales messages on LinkedIn that sound like they were written by a bot. Well, turns out that’s exactly what’s happening.

by Candyce Edelen