Pricing & Positioning
Pricing Transformations In 2021

Pricing experts Kyle Poyar and Steven Forth reflect on their predictions for 2020 and share what they see in store for 2021.

by Kyle Poyar, Steven Forth
HR & Leadership
14 SaaS Leaders Share Their Favorite Interview Questions

What’s your biggest weakness? For many folks in leadership positions, the answer might be… asking job candidates good questions.

by Kristin Hillery
At OpenView
OpenView's Most-Loved Posts and Podcast Episodes From 2020

Looking back helps us realize just how much we accomplished this year, and we hope you’re going through the same process with your own work.

by Kristin Hillery
19 SaaS Predictions For 2021 and Beyond

Every year we ask the OpenView network to weigh in, and this time around many folks unsurprisingly made predictions around a trend most of us in SaaS had to adapt to (and, to be honest, are still figuring out) in 2020.

by Casey Renner
HR & Leadership
What's the Biggest Lesson You Learned This Year?

Leaders from Snyk, Autodesk, Mixpanel and more share the most important things they learned in 2020.

by Kristin Hillery
At OpenView
Meet the Pets of OpenView

Though we all miss being in the office together, our pets are *really* happy to have us home all day.

by Kristin Hillery
Finance & Operations
5 Major Takeaways From the 2020 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Report

The bottom line: Expansion-stage SaaS companies are well positioned to thrive in 2021.

by Jamie Wallace
The Product Led Growth Market Map

OpenView developed the Product Led Growth Market Map to illustrate the breadth and dynamism of this powerful growth strategy. View the Market Map here.

by Blake Bartlett
At OpenView
OpenView Leads Series B Funding Round in Cypress

We’re beyond excited to welcome Drew, Brian and the rest of the Cypress team to the OpenView family.

by Ariel Winton
25% of B2B SaaS Sales Are Headed to Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud marketplaces are still a new sales channel, but this $250B (and growing) market can’t be ignored. Here are key insights for 2021 and beyond.

by John Jahnke
HR & Leadership
The Books That Got Us Through 2020

Consider adding a few of these to your 2021 reading list.

by Kristin Hillery