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OpenView Content Marketing Workshop: Recap
Last week OpenView Venture Partners, a Boston venture capital fund, hosted its very first Content Marketing Workshop. Thanks to all of the...
by kelliestacey
Startup Strategy
T's Crossed, I's Dotted - The Forum Was A Success
As blogged last week, I was in the final preparation stage of putting together OpenView Venture Partners Content Marketing Forum,...
by Katie Cohen-Hausman
Startup Strategy
Can your SaaS company IPO without raising venture capital?
Probably. But as far as I can tell, it hasn't happened yet. I recently put together a benchmarking analysis for...
by Vlad Djuric
Tech Trends
Who cares?
As an expansion stage venture capital firm with business development services, we spend a lot of time working with our...
by Scott Maxwell
Startup Strategy
So what is Intellectual Property?
I get this question often, so I thought I would briefly explain what intellectual property is (at a high level)....
by Jeremy Aber
Startup Strategy
Plan vs. Change in an Agile Environment
As a venture capital fund providing growth equity to software companies, we want all our portfolio companies to scale rapidly...
by Igor Altman
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Reflection...Expansion Capital is Fueling Our Recovery
As I embark on another 5 am morning at Starbucks in San Francisco drinking a quad venti and trying to...
by Mark Barry
Startup Strategy
Planning Company Forums : Basic Steps
For the last month I have been preparing for this week's Content Marketing Forum, which we host for the benefit...
by Katie Cohen-Hausman
Startup Strategy
Focusing on Aspirations
I have been spending the first half of this week helping out one of our portfolio companies set their company...
by Kobie Fuller
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Finding your Venture Capital Advisor Mate…
Finding your Venture Capital Advisor Mate… It always seems that everyone likes to rack up the points with businesspeak, but...
by Elizabeth
Tech Trends
I.T. challenges for Expansion Stage companies
In the I.T. world, there are two camps when it comes to the maturity of the I.T. Environment. Those camps...
by Justin Law
Tech Trends
Newspapers Making The Headlines
While doing some online surfing recently, I stumbled upon an article regarding the rapid decline of newspapers. It was alarming....
by Glenn Michael