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A Product-led Approach to Sales

What should sales look like in a product-led company? The fundamentals of sales remain the same – it’s all about engaging the right people, at the right time, with relevant information. But the who, when, and how have to adapt to support a product-led business.

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SaaS Marketing Scorecard [Interactive]

Wondering how your SaaS marketing program rates against your peers? Find out with our SaaS Marketing Scorecard. Calculate your score here.

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Business Ops is the New Sales and Marketing Ops. Why Consolidation is Crucial to Your Bottom Line.

“What were our sales last month?” Simple question, right? But do usually get a simple answer? Not likely. OpenView’s Liz Cain calls out the current lack of alignment with various internal Ops teams, and details why consolidation of sales and marketing ops is crucial to your bottom line.

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VCs Weigh In: How, Why & When Startups Need to Conduct Market Segmentation

How, when and why should you conduct a market segmentation exercise? The OpenView team weighs in so you can get started on the right foot.

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Customer Segmentation: A Guide to the Best B2B Practices

To scale efficiently and effectively, expansion stage companies need to focus their efforts not on a broad universe of potential customers, but rather on a specific subset of customers who are most similar to their best current customers. The key to doing so is through customer segmentation.

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