How We Work

What if a VC provided actual value to their portfolio companies?

This was the question we asked in our early days. And over the last two decades, we’ve answered it by building a team dedicated solely to addressing the needs of our portfolio companies.

Meet the expansion team.

Imagine you had a partner in your journey through the expansion stage. Someone who has been there before—hired a Head of Product, optimized growth funnels, fine-tuned pricing and packaging, scaled go-to-market strategies, and so much more. Our team is here to help bring the people and the strategy your company needs to grow through the expansion stage.

Once we understand what will move the needle in your business, we dig in to help. You’re in control while we plug in at all organizational levels to help you organize, prioritize, and extend the reach of your team in the areas that matter most.

Ready to take action? Our team is ready to connect with you.