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Building your startup is hard. OpenView is here to help. Each week join us as we talk to founders and operators from the cutthroat world of SaaS. Our guests have been where you are and know what it takes to make it big. You’ll get advice on everything from who to hire to how to price your product.

The BUILD podcast is powered by OpenView, the expansion stage venture capital firm.

You can catch up on Season 2 here and Season 3 here.

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Jon Russo, Account-based marketing expert, discusses how companies can align strategic marketing initiatives with sales and account management strategies to maximize ROI. Be sure to stay tuned until the end to hear what we having coming for Season 2!

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These operators have been where you are and know what you need to do to build a successful team, business model, pricing structure, office culture…you name it. Hear from key leaders in SaaS every week as they walk you through some of their most trying times in business and how they managed to not only make it to the other side – but to truly thrive.

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Liz Cain


Jeff Diana

Former CPO

Omar Hussain

Former President & CEO

Andy Raskin

Strategic Messaging & Positioning Expert

Dave Gerhardt

VP of Marketing

Brad Coffey


Alex Shootman


Astha Malik

VP, Platform and Product Marketing

Joe Sexton

Former President WW Field Operations

Jon Russo

CMO & Founder
B2B Fusion

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Meet the Host
Liz Cain

Building NetSuite's BDR Team from the Ground Up

Liz Cain, Partner at OpenView, and former AVP of Worldwide Business Development at NetSuite, built the company's BDR team to 170 people. Learn more about how she grew a global sales development engine from scratch to fuel a billion dollar sales pipeline.

Jeff Diana

How Atlassian Took Over the World

Jeff Diana, former Chief People Officer at Atlassian, a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, explains how the startup went from one office in Australia to a network of hubs around the world.

Omar Hussain

Soar Past the $100M Revenue Mark

When the market for Imprivata's founding idea was too small, the company changed course and pivoted successfully to grow into a multi-million dollar business. Omar Hussain, former President & CEO walks you through their journey.

Andy Raskin

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Customers through Storytelling

Andy Raskin has worked with the likes of Uber, Square, Yelp and Salesforce to help these companies tell their stories. In this episode, learn what it takes to create a strategic narrative that converts.

Dave Gerhardt

Helping Is the New Selling: Why Drift Did Away with Lead Forms

We expect real-time answers in our personal lives, but when it comes to businesses, getting in touch is often a lengthy and complicated process. Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift, discusses why the company did away with all lead forms to provide better, faster and more personal interactions with prospects and customers.

Brad Coffey

What You Can Learn from HubSpot's Iterative Approach to Pricing

Nailing pricing is crucial to the success of your business. But it's often overlooked by early-stage startups. HubSpot's Chief Strategy Officer, Brad Coffey, discusses how a deeper look at unit economics led to a reinvention of Hubspot's pricing plans. Today the company's market cap is nearly 5 billion dollars.

Astha Malik

How Zendesk Launched an AI Bot to 120,000 Customers

Astha Malik, VP of Platform & Product Marketing at Zendesk, joins us to talk about Answer Bot, Talk Enterprise and Chat Enterprise, new applications of AI and machine learning that focus on making customer service more human. Tune in to learn more about Zendesk's customer-centric approach to launching a product to nearly 120,000 customers.

Alex Shootman

Setting the Tone as a New CEO

Entering a company as a new CEO can be intimidating. It’s important to set the tone while also respecting the existing culture. Alex Shootman shares his personal experience on stepping into the role as Workfront's CEO.

Joe Sexton

The Story Behind Cisco's $3.7B Acquisition of AppDynamics

In 2017, AppDynamics was preparing for an IPO. Less than a month later, Cisco announced they were acquiring the company for $3.7 billion – a day before that IPO was supposed to take place. Hear from Joe Sexton, AppDynamics' former President of World Wide Field Operations, on how the roller coaster ride played out.

Jon Russo

Demystifying Account-based Marketing

Jon Russo, Account-based marketing expert, discusses how companies can align strategic marketing initiatives with sales and account management strategies to maximize ROI. Be sure to stay tuned until the end to hear what we having coming for Season 2!

Devon McDonald

Devon is a Partner at OpenView where she has worked since 2009. She currently manages the firm’s Ecosystem and sits on OpenView’s investment committee. Over the course of her nine year tenure, she has led efforts in Marketing, Recruiting and Sales support for the firm’s portfolio companies. Today, she focuses on connecting our portfolio with OpenView’s network of executives, advisors and customers.

Connect with her on Twitter @DevMcDee.

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