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What I Learned from OpenView’s Product Led Growth Summit

OpenView’s second annual Product-led Growth Summit was bigger and better than ever. Read this article for key learnings and insights from product-led leaders.

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The 5 Pillars for Product-led Growth using Product Qualified Leads

Ready to transition away from the traditional MQL model and adopt product-led growth with product-qualified leads? We tell you how here.

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Is Your Product Right for Product Led Growth?

A product-led growth strategy is behind the rise of many of the biggest SaaS companies, think Slack, Expensify and Dropbox. But is a PLG strategy right for your startup? Find out here.

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A Product-led Approach to Sales

What should sales look like in a product-led company? The fundamentals of sales remain the same – it’s all about engaging the right people, at the right time, with relevant information. But the who, when, and how have to adapt to support a product-led business.

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Why Product Qualified Leads are the Answer to a Failing Freemium Model

Freemium has a low ceiling in B2B, but high-touch sales is expensive; combining the two could be your next breakthrough. Enter the product qualified lead.

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Your Product is Your Go-to-Market Strategy. Here’s Why.

Get the product right, and it will sell itself — or your customers will help you sell it. That’s the magic of product-led growth.

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Product Managers: It’s Time to Move from Whole Product to Product Led Growth

For product managers, their role no longer revolves only around making the product more valuable to users. It now includes making the product more valuable to the business by identifying ways to leverage the product as a tool to execute critical go-to-market activities.

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