Turn Machine Data Into Real-Time, Actionable Insights with Hosted ELK as a Service provides the world’s most popular open-source log analysis platform, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana), as a simple, fast, secure and scalable service on the cloud with enterprise-grade enhancements such as Cognitive Insights, alerting, archiving, and pre-made Kibana visualizations.

Features Include

  • ELK Stack as a Service: Open source ELK as a secure and scalable log analysis software as a cloud service
  • Enterprise-Grade ELK: Advanced capabilities like alerting, multi-user and multi-role definitions, archiving & AWS integration on top of ELK
  • Cognitive Insights: Surface critical log events before they affect production, providing unprecedented visibility


Tomer Levy, Asaf Yigal


Tel Aviv, Israel

Year Founded