OpenView Invests in, The Platform for Turning Machine Data into Actionable Insights

November 15, 2016

We are excited to announce OpenView’s investment in, the first log analytics and management platform to combine the scalability of the cloud with insights from machine intelligence. CEO & Co-Founder Tomer Levy is one of the most brilliant technologists I’ve had the opportunity to partner with, and am excited to be working with him for the second time.

Since joining OpenView, my primary focus has been investing in companies that allow enterprises to monitor and manage their infrastructure as they transition to the cloud, a thesis I outlined here in 2014. As AI comes of age and companies founded around innovations in machine intelligence reach the expansion stage, OpenView is investing behind our belief that these innovations will be as transformational for software as the introduction of the relational database. So when Tomer described his new company was built at the intersection of these theses and was doubling customer count and revenue quarterly, we knew they had built something special.

Unlike the SaaS log management companies that have come before, was not built on the assumption that taking the search and storage paradigm that powered Splunk to an $8.7B juggernaut on-premises was a profitable business model in the cloud. It isn’t. While log management is a cornerstone of IT operations, security, and behavioral analytics, bearing the cost of storing responsive and highly available log data indefinitely on behalf of customers in the cloud is simply too expensive. At the same time, proprietary log analytics engines are being disrupted by the rate of innovation in the ELK Stack, an open source alternative that is downloaded over 500,000 times per month. To put this in perspective, that’s 50x more downloads per month than Splunk has customers.

Seeing these trends, the team built a SaaS platform that leverages the power and familiarity of the ELK Stack with enterprise features for performance, usability, and security. In short, it provides enterprises with the best of both worlds.

  • It’s Fast. By hosting a dynamic multi-tenant ELK cluster, provides unparalled processing and query speed for it’s customers and handles the sporadic nature of ingestions and search with ease.
  • It Scales. In addition to dynamic processing, enables customers to archive non-operational data in external storage while allowing for rapid re-ingestion for historical queries.
  • It’s Secure. encrypts data on transport and is SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliant, integrating into enterprise authentication systems with Active Directory and SAML.
  • It’s Intelligent. By leveraging the collective knowledge of the userbase and that of Stack Overflow, GitHub, HackerNews, and the broader DevOps community, users receive enriched alerts and are armed with insight of their peers.
  • It’s Easy to Get Started. With a five-minute setup and a library of dashboards generated by a combination of’s machine learning technology and user contribution, getting up and running is a breeze.

It’s also battle was central to Dyn’s ability to mitigate the largest DDoS attack of its kind in history several weeks ago. Given this, it wasn’t a surprise for us to learn that enterprises like Turner Media, British Airways, ServiceNow, and Electronic Arts all rely on for their IT operations.

What excites us most of all is that the team is just getting started, and we are honored to be a part of their journey.


Mackey is a Partner at OpenView focusing on enterprise infrastructure and data driven application software.