Acronis Demonstrating at VMworld 2009

Acronis announced on Thursday that it would participate in VMworld 2009, a VMware event aimed at demonstrating virtualization technologies and partners. Acronis will be present in booth #1319 and will showcase its newly released product, Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, the latest addition to the True Image disaster recovery software series. The show will take place in San Francisco and will start on August 31st, ending on September 3rd.

The new Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 products are a combination of scalability and backup efficiency mixed with data deduplication, while also providing increased manageability for operations and agentless backup for any Vmware host platform. This series of applications can be used to back up and restore all Microsoft or Linux-based servers and workstations to their full operating functional state prior to the moment of failure. This applies to the entire HDD (hard disk), containing the operating system, programs, updates, configurations and information.

Deduplication will offer companies the possibility to considerably cut down their backups’ sizes by removing the storage of duplicate data. Acronis features an online calculator that allows customers to easily get an estimation regarding the storage savings that can be achieved through the use of deduplication for reducing storage necessities. Most of the organizations will realize that the savings brought by deduplication use will cover the cost of the software.

Due to the new features and abilities of this series of products, not only small and medium, but also large companies will be able to quickly automate the processes of backup and data recovery across both physical and virtual environments, also supporting physical to virtual migration possibilities, all in a single tool.

With the new capabilities of the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 family, small, medium, and large organizations can simply automate backup and disaster recovery processes across physical and virtual environments, including physical to virtual migration capabilities, in a single solution.

Related to the San Francisco event, VMworld 2009 is a virtualization industry event that will offer a wide range of developers the chance to showcase VMware virtualization technologies and complementary options. The participants are both IT technical professionals and IT business decision-makers, and they represent companies of all sizes from numerous types of domains.