Aepona and Mashery Announce Solution to Bring Network Intelligence to the New Mobile Enterprise

Aepona and Mashery today announced a partnership that will allow Aepona’s Service Provider customers to reach Mashery’s 185,000-strong enterprise developer ecosystem, bringing valuable mobile network capabilities and intelligence to a wide range of enterprise applications via APIs.

For enterprise IT, the age of connected devices and developer innovation translates into a need to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer service and drive sales – all while facing increased employee mobility, device and OS proliferation, as well as the huge shifts occurring with employee-liable devices and apps moving to the Cloud.

Web-based APIs are the scalable answer to accessing critical business applications and processes across device types and operating systems. Service Provider capabilities such as communications, context, commerce and control will play a key role in addressing these challenges, and the Aepona/Mashery partnership opens up a new channel for Service Providers to participate in the enterprise app economy.

The partnership between Mashery and Aepona creates a new solution, the Aepona AMP Enterprise Connector, offered by Aepona to Service Providers. The solution integrates Aepona’s award-winning API Monetization Platform (AMP) with Mashery’s SaaS-based API Management platform technologies, including the market’s premier developer portal to increase engagement with developer communities, API Packager to allow business-side management of APIs as products, plus robust reporting and analytics to drive value tracking of API initiatives.

“Service Providers around the world are opening their networks to developers through APIs, and are gradually building their own developer communities and application ecosystems”, said Al Snyder, CEO of Aepona.

“However, they increasingly recognize that enterprises and business applications will be a key revenue driver for their services going forward. By launching the AMP Enterprise Connector in collaboration with Mashery, Aepona can help them tap into this opportunity on a global scale, quickly and cost-effectively. Our AMP solution is designed to allow Service Providers to bring their assets to market across multiple channels, and the AMP Enterprise Connector represents a major new channel to developers for Aepona’s customers.”

“The past year has seen the emergence of accelerated enterprise API use, as more companies realize the business impact of connecting to partners and creating new revenue channels with APIs”, said Oren Michels, CEO and co-founder of Mashery. “The combination of Mashery’s API Management and Aepona’s technology for communications APIs open up a whole range of business-critical API functions, from transactions to analytics and big telco data value tracking.”

About Aepona

Aepona’s awarding-winning software platform bridges the enterprise with the network, enabling Service Providers to offer communications, context, commerce and control features that enrich business applications using cloud-based APIs. This allows Service Providers to monetize their assets in new ways, and enterprises to easily embed mobile intelligence into a diverse range of applications. Founded in 1999, Aepona is a privately held, venture capital-backed company with main offices in the UK (Belfast), the US (Denver, CO) and Sri Lanka (Colombo), with global operations serving Communications Service Provider customers worldwide.

About Mashery

Mashery, the world’s leading provider of API Management technology and services, helps securely power 56,000 apps for more than 175 top brands—including USA TODAY, Comcast, Dun & Bradstreet, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Aetna, CapitalOne and Expedia. Only Mashery offers enterprises a PCI-DSS Compliant API Management platform to build API-powered platforms for opening new distribution channels, speeding time-to-market, and spurring innovation. Mashery focuses on API success, from crafting platform strategy and setting business objectives, to managing API delivery and facilitating relationships with a network of 185,000 developers. Mashery was founded in 2006.

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