Alfardan Group Assures Network Thanks To Exinda’s Next Generation Solutions

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN optimization and performance assurance solutions incorporating the Exinda 360 Dynamic Policy Engine, is helping one of Qatar’s leading business enterprises achieve greater visibility of its branch network across its remote business units’ sites , 80 percent optimization of its Citrix based traffic, and doubling the capacity of its bandwidth links.

Ghassan Farra, Group IT Manager for Alfardan, explains, “With so much data travelling over the network, including VOIP, files, and our core business applications to name a few, we required a WAN optimization solution that could take us into the future, by not only optimizing our WAN links, but giving us the visibility we needed to take control of our application assurance and security.

“Over the last few months, we have had difficulty recognizing the difference between business and Social applications on our network. We knew that both were being used, what we didn’t know was what applications and how much bandwidth they were using. Exinda’s application assurance solution helped us to resolve this issue cost effectively, providing us with the necessary tools to manage staff usage of non-business critical applications efficiently and securely.”

Exinda’s application assurance solutions take a strategic approach to WAN optimization. By intelligently applying its three-point WAN optimization technology to a business’ issues, Exinda delivers an effective mix of acceleration, caching and containment for the optimal end-user experience of core applications and web content. It also provides IT managers with a full suite of analysis tools ensuring performance aligns with business SLAs.

Karl Barton, VP of EMEA for Exinda, comments, “WAN optimization and application assurance is increasingly important for many enterprises. With greater amounts of critical business traffic being transferred across the network, and increased use of recreational applications, businesses need to ensure that their networks are operating as efficiently as possible and are not being stretched to capacity with unnecessary usage. Thanks to our policy based solution, Alfardan Group are benefitting from a WAN optimization approach that takes their exact requirements into perspective, and resolves every one.”


About Exinda

Exinda is a proven global supplier of next-generation WAN optimization and application assurance solutions. The company has helped more than 2,500 organizations in over 80 countries worldwide assure application performance, improve the end-user experience, contain recreational applications and reduce network operating costs for the IT executive. For further information please visit

About Alfardan Group

In line with Qatar’s Booming Economy, Alfardan Group emerges as a major player in the Gulf region through the diligence and dedication of Alfardan Family. The success of The Alfardan Group can be attributed to a business approach that combines traditional values, and integrity, with quality and service excellence. The Alfardan Group currently owns and operates several renowned businesses. Alfardan Jewellery, the Group’s flagship company, was established in 1954, coinciding with the family’s appreciation of quality items and its experience in showcasing and distributing world-famous jewellery brands in the region. Twenty years later, the Group established Alfardan Exchange to cater to the needs of the increasing foreign workers in Qatar.

In 1993, Alfardan Properties was founded, becoming the Group’s first venture into Qatar’s real estate market by building residential and commercial developments and offering impeccable standards of real estate options. In 1996, Alfardan Automobiles and Alfardan Investments were launched and combine the Group’s passion for automobiles with that for business development. In the past decade, The Alfardan Group created more divisions such as Alfardan Hospitality and Alfardan Marine. The timeless values instilled within the company by the founder have survived and thrived as a result of the determination and vision of the Alfardan generations to be a prominent business leader in the Gulf region and the world.