AMLI Residential Protects Critical Disaster Recovery, Replication Apps with Exinda

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN optimization and application performance assurance solutions, announced today that AMLI Residential, one of the preeminent multi-family housing companies in the United States, has chosen Exinda to assure the performance of its disaster recovery and backup systems between its Chicago and Atlanta locations.

AMLI relies on a MPLS network to connect its sites around the country, with the Chicago and Atlanta sites connecting with a 45 Mbps link. AMLI backs up two very large storage area networks as well as its database servers, internal applications, voice applications and more across the WAN to the Atlanta disaster recovery site, and also replicates its production data from all sites to Atlanta. When its MPLS connections started to become heavily congested causing production data replication to fall significantly behind, AMLI turned to Exinda.

“We consider data recovery and backup a critical part of our production environment, and we were falling more and more behind with our existing WAN Optimization solution,” said Billy Keller, vice president of IT infrastructure at AMLI. “Our replication was almost a year behind; we were in a heavy-risk situation. If something happened in Chicago, we’d have to rebuild from scratch and would lose a lot of data and a lot of money.”

With Exinda’s network optimization capabilities in place, AMLI quickly caught up on the replication of its production data, and just as importantly, does not need to invest in additional bandwidth to relieve congestion.

“This has been a great fit in ensuring our critical production environment can come back up on a second’s notice,” Keller said. “Exinda has allowed me to sleep better at night knowing that if something does happen, we are prepared.”

“AMLI was able to see significant improvement in their disaster recovery and replication backups with Exinda’s WAN optimization 2.0 solutions,” said Brendan Reid, vice president of product marketing for Exinda. “They are a great example of how Exinda is working with enterprises to help them assure the performance of the applications that are most strategic to their business.”

About Exinda

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About AMLI

Headquartered in Chicago, AMLI is one of the preeminent multifamily companies in the nation. The company is focused on the development, acquisition and management of luxury apartment communities. AMLI is committed to customer service and providing our residents a worry-free, high-value living experience in our communities. AMLI® is a brand name representing high quality, exceptional service and superior value.