Announcing the Spredfast Engage Button

In late March, we announced the formation of the Spredfast Partner Program, which was designed to facilitate the sharing of data, content, context, analytics, and even workflows across the multiple business applications you actively use every day.  Today, we take the next step in our commitment to openness by announcing a new capability called the Spredfast Engage Button.

Now you have the unique ability to interact with the social content residing in select partner applications via the same Spredfast engagement capabilities that you have grown to depend on to execute your social strategies.  Whether different members of your social team leverage any combination of homegrown command centers, listening platforms, or content curation tools, this integration allows you to take native Spredfast actions from within these partner applications and still maintain the workflows, permissions, team collaboration, and even the analytics capabilities that the Spredfast Social Marketing Platform (SMP) provides.

“Social media gives us a compelling way to engage with and inspire our customers every day – not just when they are in the market for a new vehicle. However, as marketers we are challenged with ensuring that each conversation is timely and authentic. The Spredfast Engage Button allows our team to interact with our social community in a prompt and brand appropriate manner regardless of the social platform that they are logged into.”

– Monica Womack Peterson, Director of Social Media for Toyota

The Opportunity

  • Teams often depend on a variety of applications for certain social objectives and campaigns.
  • Brands need to keep up with consumers, regardless of the application they are using, while still staying within the guardrails of their brand guidelines and workflows.
  • Toggling between applications that don’t talk to one another can waste valuable time during real-time campaigns.

The Solution

The Spredfast Engage Button is an extension of the Spredfast SMP and can be embedded into partner applications.  This beta program allows joint customers the following initial capabilities:

  • Surface pertinent social conversations in partner applications.
  • Respond or retweet to content on Facebook and Twitter from within the partner app.
  • Leverage the Spredfast permissions, workflows, and tagging capabilities.
  • Retain robust message analytics to evaluate content performance.

The Partners

We actively partner with other best-in-class technologies to provide customers with first class experiences.  Our launch partners for the Spredfast Engage Button include Brandwatch, Crimson Hexagon, Synthesio, Sysomos, and Visible Technologies.  With this announcement, we’ve also formally expanded the Spredfast Partner Program to include Synthesio, Sysomos, and Visible Technologies, joining our existing partners Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon.  As we add to the capabilities and applications of the Spredfast Engage Button, we will be expanding our integration partner group

If you are interested in more information about adding the Spredfast Engage Button to your application, please email us at [email protected].