Astaro Introduces Version 1.9 of Astaro Command Center

BURLINGTON, MA – Astaro Corporation, a provider of security appliances, has unveiled Version 1.9 of Astaro Command Center (ACC), its central management solution. The new version of this software enables Astaro customers, partners and managed service providers to monitor and manage up to 250 AstaroGateway appliances from a single, central point.

The new solution offers better performance and greater scalability for larger environments and is based on the same system architecture as the Astaro Security Gateway. Expanded monitoring and simplified administration have made the new Astaro Command Center quite resourceful.

Astaro Command Center’s multi-client capability is designed for Astaro partners and managed security providers. Extensive monitoring functions help users centrally manage several customers� security installations and their respective permissions. For instance, the hardware components, network loads and running services of all connected gateway devices can be monitored from a central dashboard.

Trend indicators enable administrators to predict how important system parameters will develop. The integration of Yahoo! Maps allows precise geographic location of all managed gateways. All monitoring data is available to the ACC administrator with a delay of only a few seconds.

Astaro Command Center has also enhanced its performance and now uses 80 percent less bandwidth for the exchange of gateway data, allowing for management of larger installations. Comprehensive authentication, logging and reporting functions, user authentication against Active Directory and eDirectory, and automatic sending of status reports round out the completely revamped Astaro Command Center.

Astaro Corporation claims that those familiar with Astaro Security Gateway or Astaro Web Gateway will quickly find themselves at ease in the new Command Center, as it now uses the same browser-based GUI.