AtTask Announces New Vision for Project Management

Salt Lake City, UT – AtTask, creators of the first true social work management platform and worldwide leader in on-demand project and portfolio management software, kicked off the annual user conference and work management summit, WorkOut2011 today with the February 2011 Product release featuring TeamHome and Stream—new workspace features designed to help individual contributors better understand and organize their work.

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“The world of project management is currently dominated by a top-down approach that alienates team members and gives managers limited insight into everyday operations,” said Scott Johnson, AtTask founder and CEO. “Our approach to work management is designed to empower team members by creating an environment where they have more control over their work lives, while giving people and project managers a more detailed, real-time picture of what’s really going on.”

What are TeamHome and Stream?

TeamHome is a new workspace designed around the philosophy that work should be democratized and social. Users are able to see, organize and communicate around their work in a simple interface. New work items are presented as work requests, and team members have the opportunity to accept, re-assign or negotiate timelines and task details before they are added to their work list. In addition, team members can add their own work to the system to create a more complete picture of the things they are committed to.

Stream is the continuous flow of conversational (qualitative) information that comes from the comments and updates entered into the system by all team members and managers. The real-time data flows in Stream resemble those found in popular social media applications and give stakeholders the information they need to make informed decisions.

Clients participating in the beta release reported a dramatic increase in team productivity and engagement—helping projects stay on time and on budget.

“Our team members really like using TeamHome,” says John Gilmartin, Head of Programmes at business software giant Sage. “They like how they can add their own tasks, prioritize them on their homepage, and spend less time fumbling through the software wondering what their tasks are—everything is in once place and is easy for them to access.”

For more information about the February 2011 Release including TeamHome and Stream, click here or search for #WorkOut11 on Twitter.

About AtTask, Inc.

AtTask increases workplace harmony by enfranchising workers and informing executives. The company’s social Work Management software gives people at all levels of the organization tools to help them better understand and organize their work. Going social facilitates deeper worker buy-in, and delivers executives conversational insights into the work environment.