AtTask Brings Out Project Management Software Update

AtTask, Inc., a provider of on-demand project management solutions, has announced the release of the February 2010 Update, which includes enhanced Approval Process functionality designed to add control and consistency to project workflow.

In a release, the Company noted:

In response to direct feedback from the AtTask community, Approval Processes have been expanded to give AtTask users more workflow options and greater flexibility, helping organizations focus on being more effective, innovative, profitable and competitive. These enhancements build on the recently added Custom Status settings, and together improve compliance and provide deeper control for structured processes.

AtTask customers can now set up multistep reviews and approvals at the project, task or issue level. In each step of an approval, specific users or roles can be given the opportunity to approve or reject before an issue moves to the next step in the process. Approvals are triggered by status changes. When combined with the new Custom Status functionality, Approvals add control and consistency to an organization’s workflow.

Approval capabilities for projects, tasks and issues include:

Customizable approval processes

Multiple steps with multiple approvals

Reporting on approval metrics

Improved notification of approval requests