AtTask Customers Enjoy Improved Efficiency and Productivity with the Enterprise Work Cloud

Customers using AtTask’s Enterprise Work Management software are seeing unprecedented results driven by increased visibility and efficient work processes.

Draeger Medical Professional Services and Fremont-Rideout Health Group are both successfully using the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud to improve on-time ratings and increase project capacity, ultimately streamlining their business processes and improving productivity, along with their bottom line.

Draeger Medical Professional Services Increases On-Time Delivery by 125%

Before turning to AtTask, Draeger Medical Professional Services, a manufacturer of medical devices, was facing significant organizational hurdles. Project managers were distributed throughout the country, the team was using various unwieldy project management tools, and they lacked visibility leading to missed deadlines and updates filled with inaccurate, incomplete data. To solve the work chaos they found themselves drowning in, Draeger’s professional services team implemented AtTask’s Enterprise Work Management solution.

The Draeger team chose AtTask due to its intuitive interface and cloud-based functionality which allowed team members to have all of their project data and documents centralized in one place, no matter where they were located. This newly adopted solution allowed management to stay informed of the team’s productivity and financial performance, improve the team’s visibility into project revenue and profitability, and harness project data to model the business and operational impacts of new business developments. This ultimately drove the growth of the team’s performance and increased their on-time delivery by 125 percent in the first 24 months.

“Over the last three years AtTask’s solution has absolutely exceeded my expectations,” said Claudia Brozda, director of professional services at Draeger. “I love it when my colleagues look at our group and say, ‘You do what? How do you manage your projects so efficiently and meet so many deadlines successfully?’ And I say, ‘I have AtTask.'”

Fremont-Rideout Health Group Catapults Project Capacity 12-Fold

Fremont-Rideout Health Group, a group of medical providers, was burdened with outdated IT healthcare software systems and infrastructure. They needed a software system that could bridge the gap between the IT department and their various client departments and stakeholders, and needed a system that could be implemented quickly with little IT impact. There was a clear answer for the team – AtTask’s Enterprise Work Cloud.

This newly adopted tool allowed the team to create customized reports and dashboards to fit their visibility needs, all of which would be updated dynamically in real time. It was easy to use as well. It took less than a month for the full team to be completely operational on the tool, with no use of IT resources.

Since employing the AtTask tool, the organization’s software implementation jumped from one or two installs per year to more than 12 installs per year. The tool had become the hub for project management across many levels including the PMO, the entire IT department, and many of the company’s executives. The automation and transparency of AtTask allowed the PMO director to manage all of the project’s moving parts leading to more transparent and compliant work and previously unseen success at the company.

“AtTask reports are being used at the project level, at the portfolio level and at the division level to report up to the CIO,” said Tony Toglia, PMO Director at Fremont-Rideout. “If you look at the number of projects that we’ve been able to do with the new PMO and AtTask combined, it’s ridiculous. It’s like they were put on steroids or something.”

“Through these two customer case studies, as well as many others, it’s clear that the adoption of the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud solution is a strong driver in increased productivity and success within an organization,” said Eric Morgan, CEO, AtTask. “Better transparency, visibility and collaboration from the worker level all the way up through the C-suite means work is less fragmented and management can keep track of what the teams are doing, ultimately solving work chaos and changing the way businesses do work.”

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