AtTask Enterprise Work CloudTM Launched to Control the Chaos of Enterprise Work

AtTask has set a new bar for enterprises with its new Enterprise Work Cloud.

It is no secret that organizations are dealing with an ever-increasing amount of chaos caused by disconnected tools, random input processes, inefficient use of time and poor visibility.

“The AtTask Enterprise Work CloudTM is a solution for enterprise teams to take control of their work chaos,” says Eric Morgan , AtTask CEO. “We enable them to manage all of their structured and ad-hoc work with social collaboration built into the fabric of their work processes, which delivers significant improvements in worker and team productivity.”

The AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud consists of the following key capabilities:

Enterprise Work Management to Control the Chaos

AtTask helps enterprise teams manage and control the chaos of all types of enterprise work. Enterprise teams need a single, central place to manage work requests and improve visibility and productivity by eliminating the wasted time caused by disconnected tools and processes. The AtTask Enterprise Work Management solution provides that single system of truth.

Enterprise Social Collaboration to Enhance Productivity

Collaboration is most impactful when it is in the context of the work that matters. While stand-alone business social systems are about the conversation, AtTask is about the work, turning social into a productivity enhancer, not a distracting time-suck.  The AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud incorporates social with the workflow to make work go faster and better, including contextual collaboration on requests, priorities, ideas, projects, tasks, documents, approvals, and more.

Enterprise-Grade Platform to Meet Demanding Requirements

With its most recent release, AtTask introduced significant enhancements to its enterprise grade solution to better meet the needs of the largest enterprises and the most security- and compliance-conscious enterprises (such as those in Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, and others.). This includes capabilities such as:

  • Data Encryption at Rest AtTask is unique in the industry with its offer of 256-bit encryption at rest (as well as in transit), required for regulatory compliance for HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, and many others.
  • Performance Guarantees—In addition to critical uptime Service Level Agreements, AtTask guarantees that the Enterprise Work Cloud will meet or exceed defined performance standards in load times and response times.
  • Audit Governance—AtTask shares its internal and 3rd party audits with its customers and also ensures peace of mind by offering customers the ability to perform their own annual AtTask audit.
  • Enterprise-Class Functionality—New enhancements also include a configurable sandbox that can be used as a production copy or a preview of early release functionality and SAML 2.0 support for single sign-on (SSO).

“In my previous roles in large organizations, I experienced firsthand the frustration of cloud-based solutions not being able to support the needs of security-conscious enterprises,” said Ted Hoy, Chief Technology Officer for AtTask. “In building the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud we delivered a solution that overcomes compliance and performance issues by providing top-notch security and in-depth visibility so teams can solve their enterprise work management problems.”

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AtTask will showcase the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud at the HIMSS Annual Conference on March 3-7, 2013, in booth #2059.

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About AtTask

AtTask is the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions for enterprise teams. This provides a single, central place to better manage and control the chaos of enterprise work, which improves visibility and productivity by eliminating wasted time dealing with fragmented, siloed tools and processes. With AtTask, teams, managers and executives receive visibility into work planning, prioritization, resourcing and sequencing to help everyone work more efficiently toward achieving the organization’s goals. AtTask has a broad range of Global 500 and other enterprise customers, such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, ESPN, 3M, and Trek. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @AtTask.


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