AtTask Enterprise Work Management Provides Visibility to Every Level of the Organization

Today’s enterprise work environment is more complex than ever before. Work is often impacted by a myriad of siloed tools, disengagement, confusion and a lack of visibility into value and resources.

Traditional project management tools are no longer enough to meet these challenges, as they only focus on projects, not the full work lifecycle. AtTask is changing all of this with a single solution that helps teams manage the full lifecycle of work by utilizing the industry’s only cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution.

“The enterprise application market has matured over the past several years, and we’ve seen that traditional project management tools are failing,” said Eric Morgan, AtTask CEO. “Our clients are no longer just managing projects — they are managing and controlling the chaos of all types of enterprise work. Enterprise teams need a single, central place that improves visibility and productivity by eliminating the wasted time caused by disconnected tools and processes. Our Enterprise Work Management solution provides that single system of truth for our customers.”

AtTask revolutionized project management more than two years ago with the introduction of social project management and a focus on team member adoption through its uniqueTeamHome solution. Customers reported a 400 percent increase in team member adoption and a 500 percent increase in project manager adoption, which delivered exceptional visibility and productivity. Enterprise Work Management is the next stage in solving the complexities faced by enterprise teams.

Hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500 brands such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, ESPN, 3M, BASF, Trek and Schneider Electric, have managed their work with AtTask. Schneider Electric has leveraged AtTask to manage its global work across several departments since 2009. During that time, the company has increased its workflow through streamlined processes, better capacity planning and faster reporting.

“With AtTask, we’re able to get full work visibility and insight in real-time to help bring clarity to the organization, which helps us build trust with our peers,” said Bill Maxwell , Schneider Electric’s director of Communication Systems. “AtTask has become our system of truth.”

AtTask is the only work management solution in the market that meets the unique needs of the enterprise: Managing repeatable, structured and frequent interdependent work that requires significant team collaboration. AtTask’s Enterprise Work Management solution is a single solution that provides:

  • End-to-end work lifecycle management
    One system manages the entire lifecycle of all types of work, from initial request, prioritization and planning through coordination, delivery and measurement.
  • Unified collaboration
    One system combines the power of social within the context of all work, from projects, tasks and documents to approvals and work processes.
  • Work automation
    One system streamlines repeatable work processes using custom-built templates and process improvement to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Expert guidance
    AtTask offers experienced work management and software implementation experts that use industry best practices to help customize and guide teams through implementation to ongoing adoption, visibility and success.

“Enterprise Work Management provides visibility for senior managers, managers and enterprise workers that they can trust, use and understand,” Morgan said. “Visibility is critical for every role involved as they justify and forecast their resources, align work with strategy, and improve productivity. The key is to put a tool in the hands of the team members that they will actually use. Once they engage, the ability to gain visibility increases dramatically.”

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About AtTask

AtTask is the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions for enterprise teams. This provides a single, central place to better manage and control the chaos of enterprise work, which improves visibility and productivity by eliminating wasted time dealing with fragmented, siloed tools and processes. With AtTask, teams, managers and executives receive visibility into work planning, prioritization, resourcing and sequencing to help everyone work more efficiently toward achieving the organization’s goals. AtTask has a broad range of Global 500 and other enterprise customers, such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, ESPN, 3M, and Trek. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @AtTask.


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