AtTask Launches Trust Site for SaaS Project Management

OREM, UT – AtTask, a leading provider of on-demand SaaS project management solutions, recently completed a SAS 70 Type II audit-signifying operational controls and security procedures have been suitably designed, tested and are operating at maximum efficiency-and launched a Trust Site, demonstrating the company’s commitment to maximum uptime and transparency.

“We take auditing, security, and compliance seriously,” said Nate Bowler, AtTask co-founder and CTO. “These are top-of-mind issues for many business leaders, and we understand how important it is to provide them with a secure environment for project information and processes. Achieving SAS 70 Type II certification and opening our trust site provide two strong and significant demonstrations of our ongoing commitment to provide the very best SaaS environment for our customers.”

With the SAS 70 Type II certification, AtTask users are assured of enterprise-class controls, and the effectiveness of those controls in protecting their data in a SaaS environment. The audit report, which is available to AtTask customers upon request, provides direct insight into AtTask’s control processes, and an independent assessment that the controls were suitably designed and are operating effectively.

The AtTask Trust Site allows for 24×7 access to real-time status reports of AtTask’s on-demand and hosted servers. Visitors to the site have access to service information as it is captured, validating the company’s commitment to uptime, openness, and transparency. The site offers:

Real-time system performance stats

Planned maintenance scheduling

Information on safeguards employed by AtTask to protect user data

The company’s collocation datacenters are also SAS 70 (Type II) certified, which offers further assurances regarding AtTtask’s high levels of operational standards and controls. “SAS 70 certification is an extremely important proof point for evaluating to what degree a SaaS vendor utilizes best practices, proper governance, and security controls,” stated Otto Silva, AtTask Director of IT. “At AtTask we are leading the industry, not only in our PPM solutions, but in our dedication to technology and governance leadership.”

About AtTask Inc.

The AtTask project and portfolio management (PPM) solution focuses all knowledge workers on those activities that make them and their company more effective, innovative, and competitive. This platform-independent and multilingual solution increases efficiency for small- to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. AtTask’s clients include American Airlines, Chevron, Cisco Systems, GE Healthcare, Google, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, Newsweek, Samsung, Toyota, and Whirlpool.