Attask Projektmanagement Software

AtTask Project Management Software continues its rapid international growth with the announcing of it German language website: Projektmanagement Software.

After achieving much success in the United States the company has targeted global ambition. AtTask has diligently expanded into several European markets, including Germany.

AtTask provides web based project management software that promotes the empowerment of the individuals on a team. It is designed so that workers are able to manage their own tasks and communicate openly and effectively with their teammates and managers. The software gives employees a chance to provide updates and feedback on a stream line application, giving visibility to the entire team, including managers. This, in turn, allows managers to evaluate needs and timelines accurately to ensure that a strict deadline may be kept. Employees are given specific responsibility and accountability for workload in a program designed to improve communication and teamwork.

All team members are able to see the work flow and delegation of the larger plan for the project. AtTask has placed a major focus on the involvement of each individual. With easy to use visibility, team members are able to follow progress and comment on their own, or a coworker’s completed or future tasks. As the employees take ownership of their role in the overall plan, the drive for the success of an end result becomes far more tangible and inclusive.

A large part of the program’s success is attributed to the user-friendly Team Home page. This centralized forum of communication is a conduit for employee updates and feedback. Any and all necessary notes, triumphs or hindrances can be documented here. This gives management full visibility of tasks completed, issues that need to be resolved, and work that needs to be reprioritized. It gives a quick but thorough view of project status with facts provided by the team. Again, the emphasis is on open and fluent communication as well as ownership and involvement.

The information provided is translated into an interactive and detailed Gantt chart that will follow the individual progress of an area coupled with the overall timeline for completion. A condensed view of each area’s impact on a large plan presents a way to easily visualize task management and necessary delegation. This is also an important tool in relaying the manager’s goal to the team’s involvement. Each individual can see how their work plays an integral role in a completed project. Managers now, literally, have everyone on the same page.

About AtTask

AtTask continues to emphasize the fact that the company’s project software project software is designed to “Work the way people work.” This program relies heavily on the collaborative efforts and responsibilities that turn individuals into a team by showing personal efforts realizing a collective goal. AtTask provides an innovative way to simplify work flow management by empowering the people it works for.

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