Baynote and Monetate Partner to Optimize Personalized Product Recommendations for Online Retailers

Baynote, a leading provider of eCommerce personalization solutions, and Monetate, the leading provider of testing, targeting, and personalization solutions for websites, today announced a partnership to integrate Baynote’s intent-based personalized product recommendations with Monetate’s Testing & Targeting solutions. Through the partnership, eCommerce companies can now test how product recommendation information is displayed while ensuring those recommendations are the most relevant and based on visitors’ real-time interests. The result is a more engaging, personalized shopping experience for site visitors and improved conversions for eCommerce brands.

“Monetate’s testing and targeting platform combined with Baynote’s product recommendations have enabled us to provide a truly personalized online shopping experience to our customers that is making a significant impact on increasing conversions, sales, and site revenue,” said Holly Devine, Director of Ecommerce, Urban Outfitters.

“Baynote and Monetate ultimately have the same goal: increase conversions for online retailers,” said John Kelly, chief operating officer at Baynote. “By combining Baynote’s understanding of real-time buyer intent with Monetate’s testing and targeting offering, online retailers can optimize their sites for a truly personalized shopping experience that improves engagement and conversions.”

The powerful duo of Baynote and Monetate provides online retailers with a platform for ongoing marketing and website improvement that delivers the optimal recommendations in the best place on the site. From comparing results of different personalized on-site search configurations to understanding how to optimize landing pages, improvements obtained through Baynote and Monetate are proven to have a major impact on revenues and operating margins.

“Creating the best kind of site experience for visitors that is also optimized for conversions does not happen through intuition; it comes from ongoing strategic improvement and testing,” said Monetate founder and CEO David Brussin. “Each customer is unique, and Monetate and Baynote are working together to help online retailers determine the best way to reach them on an individual level in a way that will increase engagement and conversions.”

About Monetate

Monetate is the leading provider of testing, targeting, and personalization for websites. The company’s cloud-based platform empowers marketers to test and target product offers and site features and convert successful tests into personalized messaging and promotional campaigns, instantly, anywhere on the website. Monetate removes the IT bottleneck and is quick and easy to install using just a single JavaScript tag, inserted only once, and requiring no internal IT resources. Some of the best known brands in the world use Monetate to make the most of their online marketing dollars, increase conversion rates, and personalize the website experience including Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters, Altrec, The Sports Authority, PETCO, QVC and more. Based in Philadelphia, Monetate serves a growing list of B2C websites around the world. For more information about Monetate, visit

About Baynote

Baynote is an eCommerce software company whose Personalization Platform gives retailers a multiplier effect on conversion and average order value rates using existing eCommerce investments. Only Baynote helps ecommerce executives understand and act on real-time buyer intent, giving them the essential intelligence to engage consumers at every touchpoint with the right experience at the right time and to respond faster to their ever-changing interests. Based in San Jose, Calif., with offices in the U.K. and Germany, Baynote’s personalization solutions are trusted by over 300 of the world’s most demanding brands including AT&T,, Anthropologie, Bluefly, BT, Campbell’s Dell, Expedia, Intuit, JCrew, Jockey and Urban Outfitters. For more information about Baynote, visit