Finance & Operations
Companyon’s SaaS Benchmarks Modeling Tool

Companyon Ventures enhanced our Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Data Explorer by building the accompanying SaaS Benchmarks Modeling Tool to measure the current and projected performance of their portfolio against other high-performing SaaS startups. Check out the tool here.

by Parthib Srivathsan
Your Product Development: What Are the Most Crucial Product Marketing Activities?

Is there a concrete step-by-step process to implement Product Marketing in your org? Not exactly. But Shirin Shahin explains a few critical steps that can happen at various early stages of a startup as they relate to Product Marketing.

by Shirin Shahin
How Marketing and Product Teams Can Improve Collaboration

Trying to combine marketing and product teams comes with several challenges. Here are some strategies to align your product and marketing departments.

by Jessica Thiefels
HR & Leadership
Women in Tech: How to Get Ahead in a Male-dominated Industry

DocuSign’s Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Kirsten Wolberg, explains how women can be heard and get ahead in a male-dominated industry.

by Kirsten Wolberg
Customer Success
The Definitive Guide to User Onboarding: Part Two

Wes Bush breaks down all things user onboarding and discusses advanced user onboarding strategies in Part 2 of his 4-part series.

by Wes Bush
How Auth0 Scales with Simplicity [Podcast]

Even with such a complex product, the Auth0 team has always been focused on keeping it as simple as possible. On this episode, Eugenio Pace, Co-founder & CEO, shares how they’ve managed to stick to that as they’ve scaled and the companies they looked to for inspiration.

by Mackey Craven
HR & Leadership
On the Value and Power of Building Authentic Connections

JumpCloud Co-founder & CEO, Rajat Bhargava, explains the value and power of building authentic connections while building a product.

by Rajat Bhargava
OV's Tales from the Table Series: PR & Communications

OV’s Casey Renner sat down with PR & Communications leaders from companies all over the Bay area. Over a great meal, they got to talking about their experiences and stories as it relates to the industry. Read some of their best advice here.

by Casey Renner
What Is Enterprise Sales? Your Definition Could Make or Break Your Success.

There is a lot of confusion out there as to exactly what to expect when it comes to enterprise sales. Amy Volas explains how to set yourself up for success in enterprise sales.

by Amy Volas
The Benefits of a Data-Driven Sales Enablement Strategy

Companies use various methods to uncover the critical selling and knowledge skill gaps impacting their sales executives. Learn how using a data-drive sales enablement strategy can help you uncover those skill gaps.

by Mark Crofton