HR & Leadership
Reduce Employee Turnover (and Its Impact) Using Knowledge Management

How can an effective knowledge management practice help with employee turnover while enhancing productivity and efficiency? Find out what you can do to keep your best people around longer.

by Josh Brown
7 Tips for Weaving Intent Data Throughout the Full Customer Lifecycle and Enterprise

Intent data is generating lots of buzz. But there are frequently overlooked enterprise-wide opportunities to use this powerful data. Fully operationalizing intent data requires strategic vision, explicit goals and deliberate execution.

by Ed Marsh
Brand as a Differentiator: How to Build a Software Brand from Scratch

Building and distributing new software products has never been easier, which means it’s hard for your brand to stand out. Learn how to build your brand from scratch to get a leg up on the competition.

by Veronica Gage
How Stripe Built a Sales Organization to Successfully Sell to Developers

Stripe is a company built by developers, for developers. As they’ve grown, they understand that developer sales isn’t about selling in a traditional sense. Stripe’s Head of Revenue & Growth explains how they enable developers to try the product before they commit to a contract.

by James Allgrove
It’s Not Always About Making Things Easier: When to Make Your Sign up Flow Harder.

We’re all told that creating a frictionless funnel is key for user acquisition and onboarding. But what if it’s actually better to create friction in your funnel? Find out why here.

by Kristen Berman, Evelyn Gosnell
Product Led Growth
Product Led Growth Maturity Grader

Welcome to OpenView’s Product Led Growth Maturity Grader. The overall goal of this tool is to give you a quick idea of how far along your organization is on the PLG maturity spectrum. As you answer questions, we’ll adjust your Maturity Score and give you advice on how to improve in real-time.

by Sam Richard
How to Structure and Run a Pricing Project
After wearing many SaaS hats, from my early engineering days to my product positions and former role as Head of...
by Abdemanaf Tambawala
Don’t Just Follow the Buyer’s Journey, Enable the Buyer.
We are often rushing to build out a buyer’s journey, identify the personas and then map content along the journey....
by Ali Din
HR & Leadership
Feedback and Performance: The Critical Connection and How to Foster It

As a manager or HR leader, you can use these strategies to foster that feedback-friendly culture and optimize employee performance at your organization.

by Jessica Thiefels
How SaaS Companies Can Implement Multi-Channel Strategies

Most SaaS leaders know that sticking to one channel hinders your outreach to potential customers. Learn how to successfully implement a multi-channel marketing approach.

by Rodney Laws