The Founder's Guide To Startup Advisors
At OpenView, I’m a professional matchmaker. Every day, I connect companies with subject matter experts. After doing this for almost...
by Casey Renner
Product-Led Growth
Inside Hootsuite’s Product-led Growth Journey
You don’t hear much about the successful transitions from a sales-led focused business to a product-led business. Many folks have...
by Kyle Poyar
Introducing OpenView’s 2023 State of SaaS Talent Report
Last week, we launched our second annual State of SaaS Talent Report. The goal of this report remains the same...
by Maggie Crean
Product-Led Growth
Building For The End User With HubSpot’s Christopher “Millsy” Miller
I can’t tell you the number of times founders ask me how their companies can become product-led. I never know...
by Casey Renner
Product-Led Growth
Aha!’s Bootstrapped Journey From $1 To $100M+ In ARR
Today, we’re all inspired by bootstrappers—folks who’ve built enduring software businesses with little or no outside capital. In Growth Unhinged,...
by Kyle Poyar
Product Management
Scaling Product Management: How to Hire and Build High-Performing Teams
Editor’s note: This is the second part in a series on scaling product management from Series B to IPO. Read...
by Scott Williamson
Pricing & Positioning
Your Guide to PLG Pricing 201
The guidance on pricing PLG products is, admittedly, surface-level at best. Conventional wisdom tends to go something like this: Let...
by Kyle Poyar
HR & People
How Early-Stage Startups Can Offer Generous Parental Leave
As a startup founder, you’ve got a lot in common with a new parent. You’re both nurturing something wonderful but...
by Elise Sherman Plugis
Demand Generation
It's Time To Fix Your Enterprise Revenue Attribution Model
Enterprise marketing is broken. It’s broken because the way buyers discover products no longer matches up with how we’re trying...
by Kyle Poyar
At OpenView
OpenView’s Next Chapter: Announcing Fund VII Dedicated To Expansion-Stage Growth
Amid the foreboding clouds casting shadows over the economy, there are a few silver linings. The fact is, incredible companies...
by Kyle Poyar
It’s Not Your Sales Leader, It’s You: How To Strike Balance in The Founder-Sales Leader Relationship
Most startups begin with founder-led sales. And they should. It doesn’t make sense to hire a sales leader until you’re...
by Amy Volas
Product-Led Growth
How PLG Beats Microsoft: JumpCloud’s Growth Story From 0 To $2.6B
Microsoft—which generates more than $200 billion in annual revenue—looms large over SaaS startups. The behemoth has near-monopoly power in enterprise...
by Kyle Poyar