Tech Trends
Setting the Right Structure and Culture is Critical to Successful Highly Transactional Sales Teams
Setting the right Culture & Team Structure in a Highly Transactional Sales Team: Hire a very committed Manager  Someone who drives...
by Brian Zimmerman
Startup Strategy
The X Factor
The title of this blog is "The X Factor" which doesn't really fit, but if there are any of you...
by Peter Zotto
Tech Trends
SharePoint continues to enjoy a thriving ecosystem
I just returned from Microsoft’s sold out SharePoint 2009 conference in Las Vegas this week. The conference drew almost 8,000...
by Mark Barry
VC Insights
Corporate Intranet for Venture Capital Companies
A corporate intranet is a great way to allow employees to interact with other employees and make the venture capital...
by Katie Cohen-Hausman
Tech Trends
Iphone Killer?
When marketing and selling to customers, its imperative that you are in tune with what customers demand and deliver the...
by Kobie Fuller
Tech Trends
Utilizing I.T. when seeking Growth Capital
Today's I.T. world is full of challenges ranging from staffing and technologies, to budgets and training. When it comes to...
by Justin Law
Tech Trends
Spreading the virus
Last week, I wrote about my top takeaways from the Content Marketing Workshop hosted by OpenView Venture Partners. I ended...
by Amanda Maksymiw
Startup Strategy
Mobile Apps Are Selling Like HotCakes
Do you have an Iphone? Do you have a BlackBerry? If the answer is yes, then you are obviously into...
by Glenn Michael
Startup Strategy
Isn't a CFO Too Expensive for an Expansion Stage Company?
We hear this question often from CEOs, as their companies begin to mature from start-up to expansion stage. Initially, the CEO's concern...
by Cynthia Mignogna
At OpenView
OpenView Partners - Our role after we invest expansion capital in portfolio companies
As a Venture Capital Investment firm we play three roles with our portfolio companies. Investor role Board role Advisor role...
by George Roberts
Startup Strategy
One law firm or two?
Contrary to common perception, for companies seeking growth venture capital or already at the expansion stage, one law firm for...
by Jeremy Aber