Giving Thanks for SaaS Business Tools: Applicant Tracking Systems

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Blogger : Computer
Mrs Tiger Woods : 9 Iron
Recruiter : Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruiting would be virtually impossible without an applicant tracking system. Not only does a system like Taleo (our preferred choice at OpenView Labs) help companies keep track of candidates’ resumes and their current status during the interview process, but an ATS also saves organizations time and money. Recruiting support, check. Operational support, check.

A big pain point for some recruiters is the process of going out into the field to find candidates when a sufficient talent pool already exists internally. More often than we think, thousands of resumes (sent in by qualified people who are totally in love with the role and company) rot in a black hole. Sadly, this is the destination for many profiles once a possible candidate hits SUBMIT on a Careers page. Talk about opportunity loss.

With an applicant tracking system, all a recruiter has to do is type in a few keywords within the program (MBA, Inside Sales, Java, etc.) and voila!… a list of matches appears, consisting of people the recruiters found in the past and those who located the company themselves.

No matter what our economic climate, we need to be mindful of how we spend our time and money. By properly utilizing an applicant tracking system, you can save tremendously on both costs for your organization.

So thank you, ATS.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Victor Mahillon
Victor Mahillon
Director of Recruiting

Victor Mahillon is the Director of Recruiting at Kamcord. Previously he was a Talent manager at OpenView.
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