BodyMedia, Inc., Announces API Program, Unleashes the Power of Fitness Data to Spark New Opportunities in Gaming, Mobile and Other Devices

BodyMedia, the pioneers in body monitoring devices, is on the cutting edge of the mobile device app trend with the announcement of a developers’ API (Application Programming Interface). Through the API announcement, BodyMedia is unleashing the power of its technology to encourage developers to explore and discover new applications that will help more people know their bodies and change their lives.

The goal of the API, which is being executed in partnership with Mashery, a leader in API management and strategic services, is to create new apps, either within the existing lifestyle management platform or to apply the unique BodyMedia technology into new spaces. The data can open the door for endless possibilities like gaming, fitness, entertainment or social network integrations. The BodyMedia FIT™ system, which has been clinically proven and validated for accuracy, collects hundreds of millions of data points per day. The API gives developers the ability to interact with this minute by minute lifestyle data for users who have granted them access.

“We want to take our unique data right from the Armbands of our consumers and put it directly into the hands of developers to discover new uses and markets,” stated Ivo Stivoric, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, BodyMedia, Inc. “Our goal is to enable more people to leverage the powerful BodyMedia tools to expand the positive impact of body monitoring.”

From Our Consumers’ Arms To Developers’ Hands

BodyMedia’s Data API exposes RESTful services for the retrieval of the data collected within the BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager application.

  • Read only access to all user data stored in the BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager:  calories burned (energy expenditure), number of steps taken, minutes of moderate and vigorous activity, nutritional information as tracked by individual users’ logging or daily caloric estimates, user reported weight and sleep information (time spent laying down, asleep and over-all sleep efficiency)
  • Ability to retrieve user related information including body statistics, preferences,  and goals for users who have granted access to the third party application

“Lifestyle and wellness management apps are gaining momentum. The BodyMedia API offers developers a chance to capitalize on this trend by gaining access to extensive real-time data for personal use,” said Delyn Simons, Director of Developer Outreach, Mashery. “Partnering with developers will allow BodyMedia to reach their customers anywhere they want to be connected.”

Early Adopters Yield Cutting Edge Results

Several unique product offerings already in the works illustrate the expansive opportunities that can be created through collaborations with BodyMedia.

Utilizing BodyMedia’s data, developers from Gist Innovation, a start up technology firm that specializes in social and entertainment apps, have begun creation of fitness gaming apps that encourage users to accomplish various fitness challenges like hiking mountains and the ability for users to interact through social networking integrations and set-up virtual fitness competition or groups.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) is using the BodyMedia technology to address one of the nation’s serious epidemics, childhood obesity.  ETC prototyped a fitness gaming app aimed at encouraging children to stay more active and burn more calories than they consume – which is an example of how the BodyMedia FIT Data API could be used commercially.

Another example of the versatility of the data is the upcoming summer launch of the BodyMedia app for Panasonic’s line of VIERA Connect™ IPTVs.  This app for Panasonic’s VIERA™ integrates body monitoring technology with the TV to enable real time health and wellness management.  Merging data returned by the API with the real time information from the Bluetooth® enabled Armband BW, the app will allow users to watch their information update in real time while they watch TV or play video games.

“Working with the BodyMedia technology allows us to offer consumers an exciting new feature on our VIERA Connect-enabled HDTVs that will truly elevate the role of the TV to a whole new level,” said Panasonic Corporation of North America Vice President Merwan Mereby, who oversees the development of Panasonic’s rapidly expanding connected TV features and products.  “The BodyMedia app will encourage people to get up and move while enjoying TV programs at the same time.  The ability to interact with accurate and validated BodyMedia data will allow us to enter a new market for our Company’s flagship IPTV products.”

The API announcement is part of the BodyMedia expansion strategy, which will focus on exploring new opportunities and applications for its product offerings through developer partnerships.

Developers who are interested in collaborating with BodyMedia using the API can visit to lean more.

About BodyMedia, Inc.

When your body talks, BodyMedia listens. BodyMedia has been unlocking and deciphering secrets of the body since 1999. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, BodyMedia is the pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring systems designed to help people lose weight, improve performance, and lead healthier lives. Our patented multi-sensor technology provides continuous body-monitoring that tracks physical activity levels, calories expended and sleep patterns.  What sets BodyMedia technology apart is our validated accuracy, our clinically proven outcomes and our FDA status as a Class II medical device. For more information, visit

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