Brands Should be Wary of Over-Engagement says Reality Digital

The owners and managers of branded social media presences need to be wary of over-engaging their audience on social networks according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of brand focused social networking software for brands and businesses.

The continued evolution of social networking software now places the onus on the brand to have a social media presence and to use it effectively as a means of engaging their audiences. As such, Reality Digital has indicated that there is a fine line between engaging consumers appropriately, successfully providing them with a new brand experience, and over-engaging them to the point that they find the output of the brand in social media too much.

As with any form of content output, be it through a blog or Twitter feed online or indeed an offline equivalent such as a newsletter, the frequency can often be critical. Although best practice would usually dictate the frequency of content output in any given situation, there is always a risk that too much content will drive the audience away, resulting in brand evangelists becoming brand pessimists.

An increased flow of content from brands could be perceived as negative, especially if the content is all directly related to the brand. It is far more beneficial to the brand if they space their content out steadily and evenly, as this will reduce the chance of a brand suffering from exhaustion when it comes to finding core content for them to share, ensuring that their materials are sufficiently refined. Conversely, some of the audience may become accustomed to the increased flow of content and show discontent if output slows down; as such it is better if brands dont set a precedent.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: Whilst enthusiasm is undoubtedly a benefit in terms of the persona inferred by a brands social media profiles, too much may end up being a burden on the audience. In addition, too much content may result in the number of reactions and unique pieces of feedback being diluted over time, achieving less and less reactions with the target audience.

With more and more brands entering the social media sphere and beginning to develop their profiles and engage with consumers, it is the brands that manage their content efficiently and effectively that will see a tangible difference in how engaged their audience is with the brand.

Reality Digital is a leading provider of online community software for brands and businesses, providing them with the core platform needed to establish themselves in the social media arena. Reality Digital’s Opus social networking and online video platform enables brands to establish social networking functionality within their own website, allowing them to make the most of social media and video content as a subset of their overall marketing efforts.