Investment Operations Manager

Why work at OpenView?

OpenView is a leading venture capital firm with a focus on expansion stage software companies. While you may not know us, I bet you know our portfolio: Calendly, Expensify, and Datadog just to name a few. Our mission to improve people’s working lives permeates everything we do – from our investment strategy and how we work with our portfolio to firm operations and how we support our employees. At OpenView, you will be surrounded by intelligent, innovative, creative people who strive to make a difference.

What we’re looking for

Turns out investing looks a heck of a lot like enterprise sales – we prospect to connect with great founders, we qualify companies into our funnel and we compete to win the best deals.

And we’re now getting to a size and scale where our “sales team” needs more support. We want to remove friction and allow our investors to focus on making great investment decisions while continuing to improve our pipeline coverage and win rate. Part sales ops, part product manager and part ABM marketer, this is a true “sales success” role. We need someone who is smart, creative and driven, who will constantly empower our investors and bring all of the resources of our firm together.

Key job responsibilities fall into a few areas:

  • Systems/Process: continuously improve our systems and processes to ensure full coverage of all expansion stage software businesses. We need someone to take ownership of our tech stack from Salesforce to proprietary software we’ve built in-house.
  • Metrics: help us get smart on what we’re doing. We have a ton of data, but need to dig into our pipeline to better understand the leading indicators of success. Bring transparency and visibility to all stages of our funnel.
  • Playbook: define the plays that win deals. From early stage opportunities to late stage diligence, we need to put the founder experience at the center of our decision making and add value at every step. Partner with our investors to bring the resources of the firm together to win the best deals.

When we sat down to describe the ideal candidate, we realized that attitude and grit far outweigh background and experience for this role:

  • You’re a self-starter who takes action
  • You consistently find creative solutions to complex problems
  • You hate losing and learn (a lot) from every mistake
  • You are the ultimate team player and want to remove roadblocks for others

We know we’re unicorn hunting with this job description, and we’re ok with that. If you want to join us, email us directly at ellie[at]ov[dot]vc with your LinkedIn and share the top 3 questions you would want answered to know if this role is a great fit for YOU. We value clear, concise and human communication.